Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Soccer for life!

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Soccer for life!

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club


At Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC, volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. The club continues to set high standards both on and off the field, and that would not be possible without the people who give countless hours of their time to the club - particularly those that coach and manage our teams.

Coaching and managing a team is more often than not a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it's certainly not an easy job. As a club, we have high expectations for how our teams operate and conduct themselves. This section of our website will serve as a resource and reference that will make that job a little easier.

  • Season Requirements

    Prior to the start of every season, all team officials (coaches, assistant coaches, and managers) are responsible for ensuring that Club policies and procedures are followed by their team members. We strongly encourage coaches and managers to be familiar with all club policies and procedures which can be found in the Club Policy Guide.

    Additionally, each team official is responsible for completing the following:

    1. Volunteer on Power Up, add your photo to your profile, access your team roster (please read through the Power Up section for directions)
    2. Have a completed Criminal Record Check on file (must be updated every three years)
    3. Complete online Concussion Education Program *only U11 + teams. Click here for program information
    4. Head Coaches must be appropriately certified in the age group they are coaching (all information regarding certifications can be found here.)

    Any questions can be directed to Member Services.

  • Power Up Requirements


    Volunteer on Power Up (If you already have a Power Up account, skip to step 3): 
    Every coach, assistant coach, and manager must volunteer on Power Up every season.

    1. You may access our site at
    2. Click the 'Sign Up' tab on the right side of the screen
    3. Once your profile has been set up, log into your profile
    4. On the main screen, click 'Volunteer Now!' on the left side of the screen
    5. Click the green 'Apply Now' button
    6. Fill in the information requested on the form and hit continue
    7. Confirm with Member Services that you have completed this process

    Upload a Photo

    For U11+ teams, team officials are required to have ID cards. Please upload your photo to your profile:
    Step 1 – Log into Power Up
    Step 2 – Click the ‘Profile’ tab on the left side of the screen
    Step 3 – Click ‘Edit My Profile’
    Step 4 - Below the ‘Player Photo’ box, click ‘Edit Photo’
    Step 5 - Click ‘Choose File’
    Step 6 – Click ‘Upload’
     Access Your Team Roster 

    ONLY once you have completed the above steps, will you be able to access your team roster on Power Up. 

    1. Log into your Power Up account
    2. Select your Role as: 'Team Official:HL' (brown tab at the top of the screen)
    3. Select your Active Team. The Active Team will be green, while the inactive team will be blue. You will see both if you are a team official for multiple teams
    4. Select the Roster tab to view your roster information

    *If you do not have an active team, please ensure you read carefully through Volunteering on Power Up.*

  • Team Managers

    Team Managers

    On every team within Coquitlam Metro-Ford, team managers play an integral role in the administrative organization of the off-the-field logistics of running the team - allowing the coach to focus on coaching. 

    Though every team needs a team manager, the role can be quite varied in expectation and responsibility. The best initial course of action is to meet with the coach and/or assistant coach before the season starts to outline the role and how you will fit with the team. 

    What should you expect?    
    • Prepare league paperwork as necessary like game roster, travel documents, player/team official ID cards
    • Administration of the Club raffle tickets. You can read more about the Club Raffle here
    • Uniform/equipment pick-up and distribution
    • Create snack schedules (half-time oranges, water, etc)
    • Coordinate team events like holiday parties, bonding activities, year-end wrap-up. 
    • Collect and track team funds as your team may decide to collect additional team funds for extra equipment, tournaments, etc (all registration fees are collected by the Club directly)
    • TeamSnap set-up and maintenance. This includes loading the team roster, adding practices/games, and making changes as necessary
    • Confirm game time and jersey colour with opponent on a weekly basis

    Some of these items only pertain to specific age groups and teams so it is very important to discuss your role with the head coach to make sure everyone is on the same page.

    Please also take the time to review the rest of the Team Officials Guide as the information will assist you in managing your responsibilities as required. 

    We thank you for volunteering your time!

  • Examples of Communication Documents

    As soon as your roster is confirmed, please make sure to reach out to your team to welcome them and provide them with any important information. It is important to set out team expectations early to get everyone on the same page. Below are examples of team emails:

    Sample Parent Information Document Sample Parent Information Document (76 KB)

    Sample Team Roles and Responsibilites Sample Team Roles and Responsibilites (22 KB)

  • Coach Certification & Development

    Coach Certification
    As per BC Soccer rules, it is mandatory for all Head Coaches of any youth team to complete the appropriate Canadian Soccer Association/BC Soccer Association coaching course respective to the age group of the team(s) they are currently coaching. Please click here for more information.

    Under 4 to Under 5 - Active Start
    Under 6 to Under 8 - FUNdamentals
    Under 9 to Under 12 - Learn to Train
    Under 13 to Under 18 - Soccer For Life

    Coach Development

    The 2018-19 Coach Development Calendar is currently up to date. Please view our coach development page to see the full schedule.

  • Training Allocations & Field Training Plan

    Please see the following page for information on training assignments as well as the assigned locations at each field. Click here to view.

  • Communication Protocol

    Initation Academy

    • Parent/Player to Volunteer Parent Manager/Coach
    • Parent Manager/Coach to Age Group Coordinator
    • Age Group Coordinator to Initiation Academy Head Coach/Member Services

    Under 8 to Under 12 Boys & Girls Communication Protocol

    • Parent/Player to Manager/Coach
    • Manager to Age Group Coordinator
    • Age Group Coordinator to Club Staff
    • Club Staff to Club Board, Leagues, District, BCSA, etc.

    Under 13 to Under 18 Boys & Girls Communication Protocol

    • Parent/Player to Manager/Coach
    • Manager to Member Services
    • Coach to Technical Staff
    • Member Services/Technical Staff to Club Board, Leagues, District, BCSA, etc.

    Under 13 to Under 18 BCSPL Boys & Girls Communication Protocol

    • Parent/Player to Manager/Coach
    • Manager/Coach to BCSPL Administrator (Nicky Land)/ BCSPL Technical Director (Dale Mitchell)

    For a complete list of CMFSC Executive and Staff, including coordinators, operational staff, technical staff and the Board of Directors, please visit : CMFSC Club Contacts

  • TeamSnap

    CMFSC offers the complementary service of the TeamSnap program ( to all CMFSC teams (excluding Initiation Academy teams). This mobile and web online team management software allows teams a simple but powerful tool to keep track of practice schedules, game schedules, attendance, player availability, team payments, send out group messages, post team photos, and more. Effectively, TeamSnap enables teams to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate more efficiently.

    Though we provide this service, is it up to the coach/manager, to maintain usage and update as necessary (roster information, schedules). Service is provided throughout the Fall Season and to those teams participating in the Spring Season. At the end of the season, the information is archived and teams will be reset.


    If you believe your team has not been set up, will not be using the service or if you have any questions regarding TeamSnap please contact Member Services.

    TeamSnap - Archive Your Season TeamSnap - Archive Your Season (38 KB)

    TeamSnap - How Do I Add My Roster? TeamSnap - How Do I Add My Roster? (218 KB)

    TeamSnap - How Do I Add My Team Manager? TeamSnap - How Do I Add My Team Manager? (119 KB)

    TeamSnap - How Do I Change My Team Name? TeamSnap - How Do I Change My Team Name? (132 KB)

  • Game Fields & Field Set-Up

    U8 - U12 Turf Field Setups

    To utilize our turf fields when the weather is poor, we will often move games scheduled on our grass fields to any available turf fields. Since the U8 - U12 program does not use the full field, the setup needs to be followed in a particular way to ensure safety of the players and correctness of the rules. 


    Notes to remember when using the turf fields:

    * Some teams will be required to use portable nets. These portable nets MUST be secured by sandbags are not safe without them. If you cannot locate them, please call the City 604.506.4965. ONLY the portable nets can be moved to different fields. The regular nets must stay on the fields they are found on. 
    * We often schedule games back to back to maximize our turf fields, so please make sure your set-up and clean-up are as efficient as possible. If the team playing before you is set up the same way, have cones ready to trade with the finishing team so the field does not have to be re-setup
    * Parents are absolutely NOT to be on the turf field. They must remain on the outside of the fenced areas for the entire duration of the game  
    * Make sure you notify your opponent ASAP if your field location/time is changed

    Field Etiquette - Training

    All teams are assigned training times by the club. Teams are expected to respect the allocations as provided both to themselves and the other teams.

    1. Do not enter the field prior to your scheduled start time
    2. Do not stay on the field after your scheduled end time
    3. Warm ups and cool downs should take place off the field
    4. End zone areas (and the warm up area at Town Center) are not free space

    If there are any issues of this kind, we ask that the coaches/managers avoid confrontations at the field. If other field users (from our club or other organizations, even the general public) are not respecting the allocations and proper field etiquette, please notify appropriate club personal.

    Field Etiquette - Games

    1. Do not go to the bench area until the game before you has ended.
    2. When warming up, please be respectful of the game before you. Avoid warming up directly behind the goal area, and please keep balls from going astray on to the field of play.
    3. Please clean up the bench areas when your game is over. Do not leave empty water bottles, discarded tape, and ice packs. All trash can be put in the provided receptacles.
    4. At the conclusion of your game, please vacate the bench areas to allow for the next team to setup.

    Relocation form Grass to Turf

    During winter weeks, we may relocate your game to turf. For teams U8 - U12, please click here for the guidelines when setting up your field at Town Centre and Charles Best.

    Please also note the following:

    • Disassembling Fields - Games have been scheduled back-to-back to maximize the number of teams that can play on a given day. If you are the Home team, as soon as your game ends, the equipment must be put away immediately. As well as your own team benches/equipment, this also includes moving the nets to the fences and removing any cones that have been setup as sidelines. This may involve notifying parents ahead of time to start this process as soon as the final whistle blows. The only time this is not done, is if the team playing after you approaches you to let you know their set-up is the same.
    • Cone switching - If you are the next game to play and your field has already been set-up appropriately with cones, have a matched number set of cones ready to give the team that is about to finish their game, rather than having them clean up their cones, and you setting down new cones.


    One blue lock key will be provided to each team. This key works for the field boxes that hold the equipment as well as the light switches for the practice fields. If your team does not have a key, please contact your coordinator.

    Parents & Spectators

    A reminder that all parents and spectators are to remain on the opposite sideline of where the player benches are setup, for the entire duration of the game.

  • Jerseys

    The priority is for teams to wear the blue/black jerseys as much as possible. The white alternates will only be worn by the CMF team that is the home team and only if they are playing another CMF team or a team that has a jersey colour that clashes with our blue/black set. Coaches/Managers, should confirm jersey colour with the opposing team prior to game day, however, players should ALWAYS bring both jerseys to every game.

    Home Team: CMF Lions
    Away Team: CMF Bears
    *Lions would wear WHITE as they are the home team and are required to change. Bears would wear Black/Blue.

    Home Team: CMF Lions
    Away Team: PCEFC Tigers
    *Lions would wear BLACK/BLUE as they are the home team, unless the Tigers show up to the game wearing black.

  • Referees

    Referee Development Programs:

    Referees are a very important part of the club. Without referees we cannot play the game we all love. It is very important to develop, mentor and support our referees as we do the players and coaches. At CMFSC we take our referee program very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of Referee abuse. We have an extensive Referee Mentorship and Development Program.

    It is important that we ensure that we DO NOT question or provide feedback to any of the referees during the game or after the game. This is an important point to ensure that your parents also understand. Remember these referees may only be 12-14 years old.
    Feedback on a referee's performance is to be provided by team officials through the referee evaluation form Please use this form when you have a positive experience with a referee as well!

    Referee Payment:

    New this 2018-19 season, the Club will pay referees directly via direct deposit for all league games. Teams will no longer have to provide payment to the referee or have a referee reimbursement form signed.

    If your referee does not show up to your game, or your game is cancelled, please notify:
    U8 - U12 Minis (excluding U12 Select) – Andrea Brizuela – 604-729-0427
    U12 Select & U13 - U18 Divisionals – Pete Dragan – 778-839-5108

    *Referees for exhibition games – To be paid in cash directly by the team requesting the game (no Club reimbursement). Please click here for referee fee schedule. For full Exhibition Game process, please view the section in the Team Officials Guide. 

  • League Schedules

    Links to all league schedules can be found here.

  • League Rules
  • Game Time Change Request Process

    Creating game schedules is a balancing act with many considerations which include:

    1. Scheduling games back-to-back on the same field to reduce the need for setup and take down of equipment by the same team.
    2. Working around coaches with multiple teams so they can make it to as many of their teams' games as possible.
    3. Scheduling grouped games to streamline ref scheduling.

    Changes create a domino effect of changes for other teams and ref scheduling and cannot be entertained within 48 hours of a scheduled game.

    To minimize disruptions, here are some guidelines to follow:

    1. Any request for a time change in U8-U12 age groups with fixed schedules MUST be sent a minimum of 10 days prior to requested game change. Every effort will be made, but no request can be guaranteed. Change requests must be proposed to your opposing CMFSC team first. Only if they agree, are you able to make the request. For teams playing non-CMF teams, a request can be made without opponent approval, but this is NOT recommended since it may lead to a cancelled game by the opponent.
    2. For teams without fixed schedules (U12 SEL-U18), please email Lisa at least 10 days prior to the weekend in question with your preferred game time and every effort will be made to accommodate.
    3. Send request to Lisa Mather and cc your age group coordinator. (Please provide the reason when this is requested.)

    Switching with another team:

    It is also permitted to switch times with another game (ie you have a 10am game but would like to switch with someone else that is hosting a 12pm game), you must contact your opponent and both teams involved in that game to request the swap. If all 4 teams agree to the switch, then email Lisa (cc the other team coach/managers) to let her know so she can update the team info for the referees doing those games. These game swaps should be done well in advance for the fixed schedule games and as soon as possible after home games are posted for divisional games. Absolute deadline is 3 days prior to the game.

    Because referees are assigned according to their skill level, and some games require 3 officials while other games require only one official, such switching can only be done between same age group teams within a league (ie. U15 Div 3 teams cannot switch with a U15 MSL team or a U14 team.) All teams involved in the change are then responsible for informing their players of the new game time. Lisa will adjust the game schedule and inform the referees.

  • Exhibition Game Request Process

    Exhibition Game Request Process

    Teams may request exhibition games as they see fit, however, please keep the following in mind:
    *Games should be requested a minimum of 10 days in advance of requested date
    *Fields are first delegated to league/cup games
    *Referees must be paid in cash directly by the team requesting the game (no Club reimbursement). Click here for referee payment schedule.

    To request an exhibition game, send an email to the Field Scheduler - and include the following information in your email:
         * Team Name/Age/Level
         * Opponent
         * Date and time of game
         * Preferred location
         * Confirm if you need referees

  • Game Cancellation Process

    Please be advised that if you arrive at your field and determine it to be unplayable, or you are unable to field a team, you must take the following steps as soon as possible to ensure all parties are notified immediately.

    1. Contact opponent to notify them of cancellation. Team contact information is available on the website here: 
    2. For game day cancellations, contact your referee scheduler by TEXT MSG ONLY including your team name, age group & game details to confirm cancellation so that they can notify the referees ASAP:
      • U8 - U12 Mini’s - Andrea Brizuela - 604-729-0427
      • U12 Selects & U13 - U18 Divisional’s - Pete Dragan - 778-839-5108
    3. During times that we are experiencing inclement weather, please check the website here to ensure your field is open. If all fields are closed, an email will be sent out to all CMF teams via Power Up and referees will automatically be cancelled, but please ensure any out of club opponents are notified as early as possible. 
  • ID Cards and Game Card/Sheet (U11-U18)

    ID Cards

    All U11 - U18 teams will receive player ID cards and team official ID cards. BCSA ID cards will be created internally by CMFSC at the beginning of the season and distributed to coaches. All cards will have the level of play on the card: Metro, D-1, D-2, D-3, H. All cards must be turned in at the end of the season. Metro teams are required to be playing with their ID cards as of September 1. All other BCCSL divisions are required to have ID cards by October 1st. 

    Teams that lose their ID cards will be charged a replacement fee of $50.

    Game Card/Sheet

    U11 & U12 Division 1 & 2, U13 - U18
    Three copies of the game card must be printed from GotSoccer by the Home team for every game. This game card will act as a record of the match and has space for names of officials, score, yellow or red cards issued, and will also list the game number and PIN for score and discipline reporting.

    1. Home team prints 3 copies of the game card and brings them to the game
    2. One copy goes to the referee, one copy goes to the visiting team, and one copy is kept by the home team
    3. Both teams should make sure the referee's copy has ALL players listed (anyone missing can be written onto the sheet - FRP, etc)
    4. At the game's conclusion, the official should record the score and cards, and add the name of all officials
    5. Both team managers take a photo of the completed game card for their records as the master sheet remains with the referee
    6. The home team is responsible for reporting the score, and the Referee will report only the discipline 

    Please review the BCCSL Administrative Handbook for further details.

  • Player Permits *Fluid Roster Process* (U13-U18)

    The BCCSL believes a policy that facilitates player movement between teams at the same club helps teams avoid forfeits or playing undermanned while helping players who narrowly missed being selected for a higher level stay within touching distance of that level by easily allowing them to be able to be called up to play at that level. 

    To that end, the policy for what was previously called Intra-Club Permits or Playing Up Policy will be changed to the BCCSL Fluid Roster Policy (FRP).


    Any player with a valid BC Soccer ID card will be allowed to play for another team at the same Club under the following conditions:

    The League shall grant a registered player permission to play for a team within the Club at the same age or the age group one year older than theirs as long as the player is currently playing a lower calibre of play, if at the same age, or the same or lower calibre of play if they are a year younger. Movement of players in Div 3 shall be permitted between teams at the same level. The player must provide his or her BC ID card to the game officials to be eligible to play under FRP.

    Teams that do not have another team from their Club in a lower division within the same age or a younger team in the same or lower division may use the FRP to pull players from another team at their Club that plays in the same division as them.

    Players can only use the FRP for league games. League Championship games are considered league games but no teams will be allowed to use FRP for players from the same division they played in between the first round of re-tiering in October and the start of League Championship play. Players must be from a lower division or a younger age group at the same or lower division for League Championship games.

    Clubs must limit players to two games per weekend to safeguard against them playing too many games and being exposed to potential injury.

    Team game day roster, including FRP’s cannot exceed the declared roster size registered with BC Soccer.

    No team shall be allowed to use players from U10 teams to play under the FRP.

    For U11 and U12 house teams, where the players are not provided with BC ID cards, the District can opt to use a paper-based FRP process that makes the details needed on the BC ID card clear. The paper would then be presented to game officials in lieu of an ID card.

  • CMFSC Team Contacts

    Prior to your game each week, make sure to email the opposing team to confirm game time, location, and uniform colour. You will have to go onto other clubs' websites for team contact information but for internal matches, below are all of the CMFSC contacts:

    Under 8 to Under 12 Boys
    Under 8 to Under 12 Girls
    Under 13 to Under 18 Boys
    Under 13 to Under 18 Girls
    Under 13 to Under 18 BCSPL

  • Picture Day

    Initiation Academy - October 13th and 14th    
    Minis & Divisional - September 22nd and 23rd (Due to the number of boys teams, some may be moved to Oct 14th)    

    Location - Town Centre above Cunnings Field, corner of the parking lot

    Picture Schedule 
    Girls U8 - U18: September 22nd       
                            : October 13th

    Boys U8 - U18: September 23rd
                            : October 14th
    (Make sure to check both days - most U8 & U9 teams are on October 14th) 

    Initiation Academy Schedule - COMING SOON!


    • Families should fill out picture package ordering form PRIOR to arriving for picture day
    • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your allocated time
    • Players should wear their Blue/Black jersey, shorts, soccer socks, cleats
    • Coaches should wear their coach's kit. If you have not received your kit, we will have extra jackets to wear for the picture
  • Age Group Technical Staff Head Coaches

    This season will see an expansion of our Age Group Head Coach Support with expansion to the Under 12 age group. The Age Groups Head Coaches will continue to supports teams and coaches through running team sessions and observation and support at games on weekends.

    Under 7 Boys - Liam Carter     
    Under 7 Girls - Olivia Doyle    
    Under 8 Boys - Carlo Basso     
    Under 8 Girls - Brianna Morden    
    Under 9 Boys - Liam Carter      
    Under 9 Girls - Giovanni Carida
    Under 10 Boys - Michael Mobilio        
    Under 10 Girls - Rae Pelat
    Under 11 Boys - Connor Ayre     
    Under 11 Girls - Danny Pietramala    
    Under 12 Boys -
    Under 12 Girls - Karim Ismael

    Please see here for a full description of bios of our Age Group Head Coaches (under Technical Staff).

  • Club Raffle

    Raffle packages will be handed out at the coaches meetings during sign-in. Please read the raffle information package (included with your tickets) carefully.

    1. All coaches/team representatives attending the meeting must pick up and sign for their team package before they leave the meeting.
    2. The team packages are to be given immediately to the team manager for distribution of the tickets to the players. The instructions are contained in the package.
    3. The date for return of the completed packages is Friday, October 5th for U8-U18, and October 15th for Initiation Academy teams.
    4. More information about the raffle can be found here.
  • Individual Player Programs

    Academy Information

    Please refer your teams to the following link for Academy information.

    Drop-In Complimentary Goalkeeping Clinics

    Each season the club provides complimentary goalkeeping clinics for Under 8 to Under 12 players. As most teams do not have dedicated goalies, this position is often shared amongst all players. These sessions are designed to give players some practice and instruction to prepare them for this position and give them more confidence when it is their turn in goal.

    These sessions are complimentary and no registration is required. Players can attend as many of the sessions that they would like. All Coaches are welcome to attend as well to observe.

    Friday, September 7th - 5:00pm - 6:00pm at Town Centre Cunnings Field

    Sunday, September 16th - 5:00pm - 6:00pm at Town Centre North

  • BC Coastal Soccer League

    All BC Coastal Soccer rules and polices should be viewed directly on the BCCSL website here

    Particular Club Guide for BCCSL:

    * Rosters are not to be altered. Any changes that need to be made after October 1st should be emailed to Member Services

    * Player emails are not to be added to rosters as per policy guidelines

    * Each team has their own team login. If you cannot access your account, please check with the rest of your team officials for the login information first. If no one is able to get in, email Member Services

    BCCSL Documents:

    BCCSL - Administrative Handbook BCCSL - Administrative Handbook (459 KB)

    BCCSL - GotSoccer - Adding Jersey Numbers BCCSL - GotSoccer - Adding Jersey Numbers (1228 KB)

    BCCSL Discipline Information BCCSL Discipline Information (2686 KB)

    BCCSL Rules & Guidelines July 2018 BCCSL Rules & Guidelines July 2018 (309 KB)