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Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club

Welcome to the Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Contacts page. Our staff and volunteers take pride in providing members with a positive experience during every interaction. Below you will find the contact information for our Board of Directors, Admin Staff, Age Group Coordinators, and Technical Staff. Before contacting anyone, we ask that you take a moment to review our Club Communication Protocol first, to determine the contact that will most efficiently resolve your question.

  • Club Communication Protocol

    Initiation (U4 - U7)

    • Parent/Player to Volunteer Manager/Coach
    • Manager/Coach to Age Group Coordinator
    • Age Group Coordinator to Initiation Academy Head Coach/Member Services

    Minis (U8 - U12)

    • Parent/Player to Manager/Coach
    • Manager/Coach to Age Group Coordinator
    • Age Group Coordinator to Club Staff
    • Club Staff to Club Board, Leagues, District, BCSA, etc.

    Divisional (U13 - U18)

    • Parent/Player to Manager/Coach
    • Manager to Member Services
    • Coach to Technical Staff
    • Member Services/Technical Staff to Club Board, Leagues, District, BCSA, etc.

    BCSPL (U13 - U18)

    • Parent/Player to Manager/Coach
    • Manager/Coach to BCSPL Administrator (Nicky Land)/ BCSPL Technical Director (Dale Mitchell)
  • General Club Contact Form

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Alex Barnetson


Joe Basic

Vice President

Kevin Lynn


Scott Coulter


Scott Fletcher


Dixon Tam


Jamil Samji


Rosemary Hagiwara


Sheila Silva

Board of Director

Sara Maglio

Executive Director

Pete Dragan

Head Referee & Divisional Scheduler - Officials

Joe Basic

Risk Management Officer & Primary Liaison for Child Protection

Andrea Brizuela

Mini's Scheduler- Officials

Bruce Dent

Data Analyst

Dino Bettamin

Field Equipment Coordinator

Gracey DeLuca


Lindsay Sayers

Member Services Coordinator

Lisa Mather

Fields Scheduler

Mairghread Verstraete

Indoor Facility Scheduler

Marisa Faedo-Zanrosso

Team Equipment Coordinator

Nicky Land

BCSPL Administrator

Pat Carson

Raffle Ticket Coordinator

Rosemary Hagiwara

Privacy Officer

Rosemary Hagiwara

U13 to U18 Boys (2007 - 2002 born) Evaluation Coordinator

Sandra Foucher

Raffle Ticket Coordinator U8-U12

Sonia Turner

U13 - U18 Girls (2007 - 2002 born) Evaluation Coordinator

Darryl Stickler

U4 Coordinator (players born in 2016)

Brian Baird

BU5 Coordinator (boys born in 2015)

U5 Girls Coordinator

GU5 Coordinator (girls born in 2015)

Steven Barbour

BU6 Coordinator (boys born in 2014)

Marco Arruda

GU6 Coordinator (girls born 2014)

Caitlin Zaleschuk

BU7 Coordinator (boys born 2013)


GU7 Coordinator (girls born in 2013)

Brian Baird

BU8 Coordinator (boys born in 2012)

Megan Keller

GU8 Coordinator (girls born in 2012)

Adrienne Smith

BU9 Coordinator (boys born in 2011)

Misty Cherry

GU9 Coordinator (girls born in 2011)

Megan Keller

BU10 Coordinator (boys born in 2010)

Angela Chong

GU10 Coordinator (girls born in 2010)

Kelly Chow

BU11 Coordinator (boys born in 2009)

Manisha Somani

GU11 Coordinator (girls born in 2009)

Rasema Halaba

BU12 Coordinator (boys born in 2008)

Pamela Johnson

GU12 Coordinator (girls born in 2008)

Dale Mitchell

Technical Director, BC Soccer Premier League

Alfredo Valente

Technical Director

Andrea Maloney (Poole)

Head Coach, Girls

Esteban Mora

Head Coach Boys Minis

Neil McGregor

Senior Staff Coach, Initiation Academy

Dennis Kindel

Goalkeeper Head Coach

Phebe Trotman

Head Coach, Initiation Academy

Liam Carter

BU7, BU8, BU10 Age Group Head Coach

Brianna Morden

Girls U9 Age Group Head Coach

Carlo Basso

Boys U9 Age Group Head Coach

Haley Bartram

U8 Girls Age Group Head Coach

Giovanni Carida

U10 Girls Age Group Head Coach

Michael Mobilio

Boys U11 Age Group Head Coach

Rae Pelat

Girls U11 Age Group Head Coach

Connor Ayre

Boys U12 Age Group Head Coach

Karim Ismael

Girls U12 & U13 Age Group Head Coach

Giovanni Valente

Boys U13 & U14 Age Group Head Coach

Lindsay Sayers

Girls U14-U18 Age Group Head Coach