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Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club

Throughout the history of Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club, thousands of players have graduated from the Club. Though many go on to continue playing as adults, a select few leave their youth careers at CMFSC, to achieve outstanding success in the sport, playing for professional teams and/or representing Canada in various competitions. Below are some of the Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Alumni who began their soccer journey in the Coquitlam community and have continued on to the world stage. Even more amazingly, many of these individuals have returned to CMFSC to continue the tradition of building legendary players by acting as volunteer coaches, board members, or technical staff. 

CMFSC Alumni Profiles

Kadin Chung

Keith Izatt

Julia Kostecki

Keegan Ayre

Caitlin Shaw

Daniel Stanese

David Norman Jr.

David Norman Sr

Davide Xausa

Alex Barnetson

Erin Uchaz

Geoff Aunger

Isabella Muzzolini

Jaclyn Sawicki

Jason Mathot

Andrew Veer

Alfredo Valente

Chris Clarke

Steve Kindel

Sara Maglio

Tyler Rosenlund

Sydney Leroux

Paige Adams

Brittany Timko Baxter

Dennis Kindel

Gordon Chin

Ian Clarke

Jeff Clarke

Kevin Harmse

Richard Bodnark

Carlo Corazzin

Paul Dolan

Neil Yeung

Robyn Scott

Phebe Trotman

Katherine Caverly

Craig Forrest

Patrick Onstad

Frank Yallop

John Vairo

Melissa Mobilio