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The CMFSC Club Policy Guide | All Resources in one place.

This club policy guide provides information and direction on how CMFSC operates. It is a single point of resource for all members of our soccer club. All related and applicable policies are designed to be in compliance with BC Soccer Association's rules and regulations and conform to league and district rules.

  • Team Officials (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers)

    The Team Officials Guide has a new home! Please click here to view. 

  • Coach Selection & Development

    Coach Selection & Development Policy

    Members interested in applying for a head coaching position of an Under 13 and above team, or an Under 11, Under 12 Select team, must complete a coaching application online through the Coquitlam Metro-Ford website by February 15th of the season in which they wish to coach.

    Team officials may not receive compensation from players, parents or anyone associated with their team unless prior approval has been granted by the Board of Directors. An exception is BC Soccer Premier League Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches who receive compensation for coaching. 

    Our club continues to provide funding and a program to enable our coaches to become certified at the appropriate level as per the Canadian Soccer Association/BC Soccer Association guidelines.

    Coaches may also apply for approval to the Technical Director to have additional Provincial and National coaching courses fees reimbursed.

    For more information regarding Coach Development, please visit our CMFSC Coaches Development Resource page. 

  • Concussion Programs

    Concussion Registration Waiver 

    BC Soccer (governing body), in the interests of players’ health and safety, requires ALL players and parents and/or guardians (if player is under 18 years old), to be educated about the signs and symptoms of concussions. All parents and adult players are required to complete the online Concussion Awareness Training course to ensure you are aware of the signs and symptoms of a concussion, as well as the return to play protocols at Parents and players have a responsibility to report all concussion-related injuries and illnesses to an independent medical professional. CMFSC reserves the right to limit players' return to the field, based on the aforementioned protocols and professional medical advice.

    Concussion Education Program

    Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC in an attempt to be a leader in player safety has adopted a mandatory concussion awareness training program. We are requiring that all staff and team officials complete the new Concussion Awareness Training module from all Under 11 to Under 18 teams. In addition, we are strongly recommending that at least one parent from each family complete the course as well. More information can be found in the following link:

    Concussion Education Program Concussion Education Program (319 KB)

    Baseline Concussion Testing

    Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC aims to be a leader in player safety and injury recovery. Last year, we started a pilot program by partnering with Strive Health and Performance Clinic to offer Baseline Concussion Testing to our BCSPL teams. 169 players (U13-U18 boys and girls) participated in the initial baseline testing and 17 of those participants returned to the clinic after a suspected concussion for additional testing and treatment.

    This season, we are pleased to open this program up to U12 teams and above. Players that complete baseline testing have the ability to return to Strive when they suspect they’ve suffered a concussion for additional testing and treatment if necessary. At that point, all return to play protocols will be managed and communicated by Strive directly to the team officials so coaches will know when/how the player can return to play.

    Although this program will not be mandatory, we ask that you discuss Baseline Testing with your team as Strive offers team rates, group rates (5+ athletes) and individual rates. The regular rate is $130 per person.

    Team Rate – Team coach/manager books directly with Strive for a rate of $70 per player. Minimum of 5 teammates.

    Group Rate – Any group of 5 or more athletes (mixed gender and/or age) can book directly with Strive as a team for the same rate of $70 per player.

    Individual Rate – Individuals may book themselves directly with Strive for a rate of $95 per player. *Just make sure to mention you are from CMFSC*

    For more information about baseline testing, please read the attached information or you may visit

    Ready to book? Please call Strive Health and Performance to arrange your appointment at 778-355-3050
    Testing will be held at Strive Health and Performance:
    102-1032 Austin Ave, Coquitlam

    Concussion Awareness & Return to Play Information:

    Baseline Concussion Testing FAQ’s Baseline Concussion Testing FAQ’s (35 KB)

    Baseline Testing - What to Expect Baseline Testing - What to Expect (4196 KB)

  • Conduct

    All members of Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner as outlined in the policies below for Coach/Team Officials, 
    Parents, and Players. 

    CMFSC Coach / Team Official Code of Conduct CMFSC Coach / Team Official Code of Conduct (61 KB)

    CMFSC Parent Code of Conduct Agreement CMFSC Parent Code of Conduct Agreement (126 KB)

    CMFSC Player Code of Conduct Agreement CMFSC Player Code of Conduct Agreement (120 KB)

  • Constitution
  • Discipline & Suspensions

    All CMFSC members including but not limited to, players, parents, spectators, team officials, game officials, club officials, regardless of being paid or volunteer, have a duty and responsibility to conduct themselves appropriately while respecting the FIFA Laws of the Game, BC Soccer rules, regulations and policy and the policies, by-laws and procedures of club.

    As a member, please fully review the following document and familiarize yourself with the BC Soccer Conduct, Ethics, Discipline Standards & Policy document as well as the Discipline Sanction Policy. 

    Appeal and Dispute Resolution Policy Appeal and Dispute Resolution Policy (68 KB)

    Discipline Policy Discipline Policy (89 KB)

  • Fields & Facilities

    Following is information regarding the fields and facilities that we use. We are fortunate to have access to these through the City of Coquitlam and SD #43, so please treat them with respect

    Fields Policy

    Fields are assigned to the Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club for the use of club team practices/games, events and other associated activities. Fields are not assigned to individual teams by the City of Coquitlam as it is Coquitlam Metro Ford SC that has permission to use the facilities. In turn, CMFSC will be responsible for allocating fields to teams as they see fit based on various factors. 

    Home game fields and time for all teams are assigned by the Field Coordinator and are not to be changed without Field Coordinators approval. 

    Teams not acting in accordance with any field status conditions, club policies or abusing their field privileges may have their practice and/or game time assignments revoked or changed at any given time at the discretion of Club Staff, or in accordance with any decision of the Board of Directors. 

    Town Centre Policies

    • If the goals are locked up at Town Centre, please call the city line at 604.506.4965 to have them unlocked. Put this phone number in your address book for easy reference.
    • The City has requested that goals on the turf field are put up on the wheels or lifted up when moving. There appears to be an increasing frequency of damage to the seams, which if it continues will result in potential injury and field closures.
    • It is important that we keep the fields clean. Please ensure that you clean up after yourselves regardless of where we are playing - home or away; specifically, the areas around the benches. Things such as orange peels, tapes and water bottles must be picked up and discarded. That includes the visiting bench area.  
    • Following are the fields we have access to:
      • Turf - Town Centre Park, including Cunnings, TC North, TC West (Mobilio), TC East (Fridge), Percy Perry (Stadium) and Charles Best
      • Grass – Hillcrest, Brookmere, Ranch Park, Mundy 1&2, Parkland, Miller Park, Hampton and Roy Stibbs
      • Gravel – Porter, Riverview Park, Montgomery Middle
      • Locations for all of these fields can be found here.
    • All turf field lights are on timers. If times need to be adjusted, please inform the field equipment coordinator.
    • Gravel fields are on timers as well, however at times a manual start will be required. Each field has a box with switches that is accessible using your blue lock key. Please familiarize yourself with the location of the box at the field you are assigned at.
    • All questions related to the fields and equipment should be directed to the field equipment coordinator at


  • Game Officials/Referees

    Game Officials/Referees Policies

    All referee fees for league games and cup games will be reimbursed by CMFSC. Exhibition games are to be paid directly by the requesting team. Please see the Game Officials/Referees section in the Team Official Guide for the process of payment and reimbursement. 

    Any incidents regarding abuse reported by a referee will be sent to BC Soccer for their review and discipline determination. 

  • Gender Equity

    Gender Equity Policy 

    Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC is committed to the achievement of gender equity and recognizes the importance of measuring all of its activities against the values of equity and fairness. 

    We define gender equity as a process of allocating resources and entitlements fairly to both males and females without discrimination on the basis of gender. This also includes redressing any undesirable or inequitable balance in the existing opportunities available to males and females. 

  • Insurance


    As part of your fees, all CMFSC youth players and BC Soccer registered adult leagues, are covered under the BC Soccer Insurance Coverage for liability and sport accident issues. More information can be accessed via this link.


    BC Soccer Master Insurance Certificate April 2018 - April 2019


  • Privacy

    CMFSC’s Privacy Policy is governed by the BC Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”), and describes the way that CMFSC collects, uses, and discloses personal information of third parties in the course of its activities, implementing CMFSC’s commitment to collect, use and disclose personal information responsibly. The CMFSC Privacy Policy is based on the standards required by PIPA, and CMFSC’s interpretation of these responsibilities. To the extent that the provisions in this Privacy Policy are inconsistent with PIPA, PIPA’s requirements shall govern.

    This policy deals with personal information about players, parents, fans, directors, officials, coaches and other volunteers. Please review the attached for the full policy and 

    CMFSC Privacy Policy CMFSC Privacy Policy (461 KB)

  • Registration

    Player registration is necessary to enable our club and BC Soccer to keep track of players, insure them, and place them in the appropriate division. Playing divisions are based on BC Soccer Association's rules and regulations. Applicable birth years are found on the Registration page. 

    Please visit our Registration Resource Centre for all current information here.

  • Risk Management (Criminal Record Check)

    Risk Management Policy

    Please be advised that pursuant to the policies of the Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club, as mandated by B.C. Soccer and all governing Districts, the criminal screening process is due once every three years by all volunteers and staff. The club takes the policies very seriously and the safety of our players is very important.

    BC Soccer rule (#21) requires coaches/volunteers and administrators working with youth and club/teams funds to complete a Vulnerable Sector Check(VSC)/Criminal Record Check(CRC) every three (3) years. More information is on the BC Soccer website at:

    BC Soccer is becoming increasingly vigilant in validating club's compliance as part of the Club charter process and has declared that clubs are not to operate teams without the appropriate VSC's/CRC's being in place prior to the start of the season.

    All volunteers and staff are required to complete the screening process as outlined. There are three options for members; online, in-preson, or providing a pre-existing current Criminal Record Check. 

    Reminder emails will be sent out to volunteers regarding the process prior to the start of the season. Also, throughout the season when a volunteer’s CRC is coming due, the Risk Management Coordinator will contact the volunteer approximately one month prior to the expiry date. The board of directors makes all final decisions on volunteers and staff who do not comply with the screening process.

    The complete CRC process is covered in the Criminal Record Check Process Overview here:

    CRC Process Overview CRC Process Overview (1175 KB)

    For in-persons forms, please access these forms from our Club Forms Page.

    To access the online process, please use this link:

    The on-line code required for CMFSC is – XJFNTJCLXY


  • Safety

    Safety General

    Medical Information & Emergency Contact Information:

    Emergency contact information for all players should be on-site at all games and training sessions.

    Players with Pre-exisiting Medical Conditions:

    For any player with pre-existing medical condition (e.g. asthma, diabetes) this should be declared by families at registration and parents should advise coaches in addition to providing at registration.

    First Aid Kits:

    First Aid Kits are distributed as part of the team equipment package at the beginning of each season. First aid kits need to be present at training and games. Teams are responsible for replenishing the first aid kit as required. 

    Our bulk distributor has provided a discounted pricing list for CMFSC teams - please click here

    Lightning/Severe Weather:

    When considering resumption of any athletics activity, wait at least thirty (30) minutes after the last flash of lightning or sound of thunder before returning to the field. Please see the following link for more information from BC Soccer on Lightning Policy.


    Some helpful points to help in prevention of injury and promote a safe training and game environment:

    • All players must wear shin pads for training and games.
    • All players must remove jewellery before practices and games.
    • Players should wear footwear with proper traction for training and games - i.e. cleats and not runners.
    • Equipment is in good condition and used appropriately.
    • Do not let players pull or hang from nets or cross bars. Goal posts and equipment should be inspected for any safety related concerns prior to each use. More information about goalpost safety can be found here.
    • field is in decent playing condition and clear of major obstructions including giant holes.
    • Coaches using gyms should ensure benches and any other objects are removed from the playing area, if possible.
    • Parent pick-up and drop-off times are adhered to and no player is left behind.
    • Coaches should not be left alone with a player waiting for a parent. Always ask another adult or parent to wait with you.
    • Weather and ground conditions are safe to play on.
    • Players should not play if they are injured, overly-dehydrated, have a suspected concussion or suffering from any medical condition that would put them at risk playing.

    Useful Forms & Documents:

    CMFSC Emergency 9-1-1 Procedures From Town Center Fields CMFSC Emergency 9-1-1 Procedures From Town Center Fields (165 KB)

    Hospital Directions for Visiting Teams from Town Center Fields Hospital Directions for Visiting Teams from Town Center Fields (45 KB)

    CMFSC Team Medical Form CMFSC Team Medical Form (150 KB)


    BC Soccer would like to draw your attention to the following guidelines for the safe use of goalposts. The unsafe or incorrect use of goal posts could lead to serious injury or death. Safety is always of paramount importance and everyone in soccer must play their part to make our sport as safe as possible. More information can be found at the following link:

    The City of Coquitlam will also be providing supplying “sand bags” at all artificial turf sites before the start of the new soccer season, all your coaches to asked to use these sand bags with portable goals to add stability to the structure. We will be posting signage at all turf fields.

    FIFA 11+

    Coaches and players are encouraged to review and implement this training into each training session and warm-up. Each year the club reviews the FIFA 11+ program through coach development sessions.

    FIFA 11+ Poster Generic FIFA 11+ Poster Generic (3023 KB)

    FIFA 11+ Cards FIFA 11+ Cards (5781 KB)

    FIFA 11+ Field Set-Up FIFA 11+ Field Set-Up (500 KB)

    FIFA 11+ Manual FIFA 11+ Manual (4423 KB)

  • Social Media

    Social Media Policy

    CMFSC recognizes and supports members’ rights to freedom of speech and expression including the use of social networks. In this context, however, each member must remember that playing and competing for CMFSC is a privilege, not a right. As coach, athlete or volunteer you represent CMFSC and you are expected to portray yourself, your team, and the Club in a positive manner at all times. Any online postings must therefore be consistent with Club policy.

    If you participate on a social networking site, you must abide by the following:

    - Everything you post is public information – any text or photo placed online is completely out of your control the moment it is placed online – even if you limit access to your site.

    - Information (including photos, videos, comments, and posters) may be accessible even after you remove it.

    - Use caution when adding someone or inviting someone to be a friend.

    - What you post may affect your future. Many university school admissions officers, scouts, professional teams, national governing bodies, volunteer organizations and employers review social networking sites as part of their overall evaluation of a candidate or employee. Carefully consider how you want people to perceive you before you give them a chance to misinterpret your information (including photos, videos, comments and postings)

    Similar to comments made in person, CMFSC will not tolerate disrespectful or offensive comments and behavior online towards CMFSC teams, coaches, & players and opposition teams, coaches, & players.

    Monitoring and Consequences:

    Any violation of these guidelines is subject to investigation and sanction by CMFSC. CMFSC reserves the right to determine appropriate sanctions for any violation of these guidelines (such sanctions may vary from removal of the objectionable material, suspension or dismissal).

    *Note: Adapted, with permission, from Simon Fraser University

  • Sponsorship & Team Fundraising


    Player registration fees that are charged to play soccer do not completely cover the cost of running our soccer programs. It is necessary to raise revenue through sponsorship initiatives. We have developed the CMFSC Partner Program that outlines opportunities to get involved with the club and teams in a variety of ways. Please click here to access the CMFSC Corporate Sponsorship Program (PDF).

    We value all of ours sponsors and encourage all team officials to help us develop relationships with other organizations.

    More information on our sponsors can be viewed on our Sponsors Page here.

    Team Fundraising

    We understand that it may be necessary to raise team funds for items such as travel, coaches gifts, team events, etc. The Coquitlam Metro-Ford Board of Directors suggests these processes for managing team funds:

    • Most banks offer a community plan with no or low fee. Club approval or documentation is not required to open an account. If the bank is asking for any type of documentation, please forward this request to your age group director.
    • A Management Committee should be established for the team account(s), that should consist of at least two parents (not related to each other) and may also include the team manager and/or a coach. Parents not functioning as coach or manager should form a majority of Committee members.
    • All funds raised are equally apportioned as credits to individual team members. Coaches and managers may also have individual credits. A record of credits for individual team members (and coaches and managers) will be maintained by the Committee and be open to inspection by parents of individual team members on request. Disputes over apportionment of funds, if not resolved by the Committee, will be resolved at a meeting of parents of team members (a majority of team members must be represented).
    • Expenditures from team accounts require the approval of the majority of members from the Committee.
    • Signing authority on the team account(s) should be held jointly by two members of the Committee (both should be required to sign), at least one of whom is NOT a coach or manager.
    • Funds should be expended in the season in which they were raised and by March 30th of the current season, the committee should provide a statement of account to the team prior to the team disbanding for the season. Funds should not be carried over to the next season and any excess should be distributed to team members equally, unless a member has opted not to receive the excess monies.
  • Team Selection and Playing Time


    An underage player wishing to play up in a higher division may only do so at the discretion of the Club Technical Staff as per BC Soccer guidelines.

    All players participating in evaluations (U11 - U12 Select, U13 - U18) will be contacted directly to confirm placement in program.

    Players may be released from teams at any time if the Player Code of Conduct is not complied with as agreed upon at the time of registration. 


    Should playing time become an issue, coaches have the responsibility to justify why a player has been played less than the below noted policies. Only injuries, sickness, unaccepted absences from training and/or games at coach’s discretion, or documented disciplinary action will be accepted as reasons for not meeting these requirements. The coaches must give written notice of disciplinary action to the player, coordinator and manager at the time of the incident(s) or as soon as possible thereafter. 

     Division Exhibition, League, and Tournament Games  Cup and Playoff Games 
     U8 - U10 Development & House Stream Minimum of 50% each game   N/A
     U11 - U18 Gold, Silver, Bronze & Div 1 - 3 and House 50% of each game on average over the course of the season At coach's discretion 
     U11 & U12 Select 50% of each game on average over the course of the season  At coach's discretion 
     U13 - U18 MSL   50% of each game on average over the course of the season  At coach's discretion 
     U13 - U18 BCSPL 30% of each game on average over the course of the season At coach's discretion 
  • Travel & Tournaments

    Provincial & National Competitions Club Support

    Recognizing the commitment and the investment of these teams, as well as the positive outcomes that reflect on the club as a whole, it is important that we establish guidelines for financially supporting their success at provincial or national championships.

    CMFSC Provincial National Competitions Subsidy CMFSC Provincial National Competitions Subsidy (552 KB)

    Team Travelling Document Resources For Managers & Coaches

    Application to Travel Out of Province - BC Soccer Application to Travel Out of Province - BC Soccer (211 KB)

    CMFSC Rooming List CMFSC Rooming List (80 KB)

    CMFSC Travelling Code of Conduct - Day Travel CMFSC Travelling Code of Conduct - Day Travel (343 KB)

    CMFSC Travelling Code of Conduct - Overnight Travel CMFSC Travelling Code of Conduct - Overnight Travel (428 KB)

    Traveling Teams - BCSPL CMFSC Traveling Teams - BCSPL CMFSC (1676 KB)

  • Uniforms & Equipment

    Uniform Policy Uniform Policy (36 KB)

    Please visit our Uniforms & Equipment webpage for further information.