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CMFSC University & College Soccer Education Program

We recognize the commitment our players and their families have to progressing in the game, with many looking at the potential opportunity of graduating onto playing collegiate varsity soccer in Canada (U-Sports/CCAA) or in the United States (NCAA) systems.

CMFSC supports member families in their collegiate soccer recruitment process by hosting workshops each year that provide families the key information they need in all aspects of how to be positioned to be recruited, along with a dedicated website ( to host player profiles and highlight videos. 

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  • Please email either a YouTube link or a .mp4 or .mov file to collegiate/at/ to ensure your video is posted.

Individual consultation

  • We can arrange for individual consultation to further aid in the process that is customized to each family
  • Please contact collegiate/at/ if you would like to organize a one on one meeting

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Ryan was amazing throughout the entire recruiting process. He has an incredibly deep understanding of the recruiting process in the US, an amazing network of contacts and an in-depth knowledge of the soccer programs and campuses.

Ryan helped us at every stage of the process from the very beginning; trying to figure out which university would be the best fit for our daughter to her recent National Signing Day. Ryan was available to talk to us at any point and was incredibly helpful with all our question, and we had a lot of them! One thing I really appreciated was his willingness to talk directly to our daughter and help her learn what to expect when she'll be talking to the coaches. We really appreciate Ryan's help and I can't say enough great things about him. And, of course, Tannis is extremely excited about the opportunity to be a student athlete and play for Radford.

Gary, Cathy & Tannis

While watching Julia grow as a soccer player from the time she was a small girl, we have talked many times about how exciting it would be for her to have an opportunity to go to university on a soccer scholarship.

The thought of taking it from “just talking about it” to “actually making it happen” seemed quite daunting! We knew very little about the process, had zero experience with scouting, contacting university coaches, didn’t know the details of what different schools can offer to athletes, not to mention creating highlight videos! As such, we felt very fortunate when CMFSC has organized orientation session for its older teams with Ryan Clark. Ryan’s presentation was very well organized and gave players and parents lots of useful information as well as encouragement. We have left the meeting feeling empowered and suddenly believing that we can do it!

In the following years we have been privileged to receive further guidance and assistance from Ryan. He helped Julia with the choice of universities she has approached, advised on what conversations with coaches are usually about, what are the important areas to cover when talking to coaching staff and in highlight videos, as well as facilitated contact whenever necessary. As we were transitioning and approaching the final stages, Ryan has also walked Julia through formulating and communicating her future training plans.

Throughout the whole process, he made himself available and easily approachable, so we felt comfortable asking questions whenever they came up. We are very excited about Julia’s commitment to Rice University and an opportunity to compete at NCAA Division I level, and we would like to express our gratitude to Ryan for his guidance and support, as it was instrumental in turning Julia’s passion and aspirations into reality!

Julia Kostecki