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Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Soccer for life!

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Looking for something? Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions Knowledge Base below.

  • Who do I contact for more information on the CMFSC Evaluation process?

    If you would like any information about our evaluations please contact:

    Under 13 to Under 18 girls- Sonia Turner

    Under 13 to Under 18 boys-Rayleen Zanatta

  • When will the evaluation schedule be posted?

    All evaluation dates will be finalized and published on club websites and via email. All attempts will be made to set evaluation dates and locations as early as possible. Evaluation dates are to be determined by the Technical Staff based on total number of Evaluations being run, access to fields and estimated number of players per evaluation.

  • What is the selection criteria for Under 11 and Under 12 players?

    Potential U11 & U12 Select level players should be able to do the following reasonably well, relative to other players in their age:

    1. Control the ball with all parts of their body
    2. Control the ball from a variety of service (i.e. in the air, bouncing, on the ground)
    3. Strike the ball with both feet and in specific ways that allow them to hit the ball the way they intend to (i.e. to shoot, volley, to chip, to pass with intended velocity) accurately.
    4. Move with the ball under control at speed
    5. Defend with good awareness, patience and technique
    6. Make good, early decisions with the ball that show emerging tactical awareness
    7. Involve teammates in the game rather than doing everything themselves
    8. Have the fitness, speed, coordination, and strength to play at the highest level
    9. Be committed to play and practice on a high level youth team. It is expected that all efforts will be made to attend all games and practices.
    10. Special Qualities – a player who possesses unique qualities, i.e. Strong in a specific position or role.

    House players:

    House level players may demonstrate some or most of the characteristics above, but may not meet the Select level requirements as they may still be developing one or more of the above components or may not be able to do them consistently or on demand. For example, a House player may demonstrate very good ball control and tactical game awareness but has not yet developed the fitness, speed or strength to compete at the Select level, or vice versa. They may also be able to demonstrate a strong ability in a particular aspect of the game in a drill that has no opposition but then not be able to do the same thing under pressure in a game-like environment.

  • What are the roles & responsibilities of the parents in the Evaluation process?

    Parents should familiarize themselves with all the material in this FAQ and discuss it with any of their children who will be attending Evaluations. Together, a decision should be made as to whether the child wants to participate in the Evaluations and players who opt not to attend and are registered with CMFSC will be placed on a House Team.

    At the evaluations, it is the parent’s job to ensure the players arrive on time and with the required equipment (boots, shin pads, jacket, water, etc) they will need. It would also be a good idea to refresh their memory as to what the Evaluations will look like.

    Parents must also respect the work of the volunteers and evaluators and allow them to do their work without unnecessary intrusion. Parents will be asked to keep to the perimeter of the field(s) being used to allow evaluators and coaches to talk candidly and to keep the evaluation area as clear as possible for players and evaluation staff. Please do not shout out instructions or coach your child during the evaluation process.

  • What are the roles & responsibilities of players in the Evaluation process?

    Players are expected to come to the evaluations ready to listen to instructions and aware that it is not a regular training session. Occasionally, there may be more time than usual waiting for their turn to play and they may be asked to play several different positions in small-sided games.

    Players should know that the goal of the evaluations is to find the ideal playing level for them so that they can enjoy the game and develop as much as possible.

    Players should also remember that Evaluations are different from their regular training sessions. They will not be ‘coached’. The drills and/or small-sided games won’t be stopped so coaching points can be made. The purpose is to evaluate them at this point.

  • Once Evaluations are complete when will teams announced?

    The timeline for team selections will be discussed at the end of the evaluations, but it is normal to have the player selections completed within a week.

    Player selection announcements may be delayed if a team has qualified for the Coastal Cup. We will delay confirming a 2018-19 roster, if the 2018-19 season is not complete as to not distract the team and players in the Coastal Cup Competition.

  • If I am selected to a team, how soon do I have to commit to the team?

    Once players are notified that they have been selected for a team they must respond within 24 hours if they are accepting the position otherwise they risk losing their spot.

    All players selected to the team must be willing to give a full commitment to the team that they are selected for. The commitment level and time will be set out by the Head coach of the respective team during evaluations. If you are unable to meet the commitment level you must let the Head Coach of the team know during evaluations.

  • For the Under 11 and Under 12 Evaluation Schedules the first session is listed as "Pre-Evaluation", what does this mean?

    These evaluations are for CMFSC players that played in the House League in the 2017-18 season as well as for players that are new to CMFSC only.

  • Does my child need to attend all the evaluations listed in the evaluation schedule under his/her age group?

    Yes, players will be expected to attend all evaluations listed in their respective age group schedule. At the end of each evaluation session, players will be notified if they haven't been identified to continue in the evaluation process for that level.

  • Does CMFSC allow players to play up an age group?

    An underage player wishing to play up in a higher division may only do so at the discretion of Club Technical staff as per BC Soccer guidelines. 

  • How do I register for evaluations/tryouts for Under 11 to Under 18 players?

    U11 - U12 Division 1 and 2 players must register and pay for the 2018-19 Season for Under 11 or Under 12 House in your respective age groups. Please indicate the level that you are requesting to be evaluated at on the player questionnaire. Selected players will be transferred internally after evaluations and asked to pay the difference in fees at that time for the difference in registration between House and Select. This must be done prior to evaluations.

    U13 - U18 CMFSC returning players must register and pay for Division 3 in your respective age groups. Please indicate the level that you are requested to be evaluated at on the player questionnaire. Selected players will be transferred internally after evaluations and asked to pay the difference in registration at that time for the difference in registration cost. Players will not be allowed to participate in evaluations that do not have this process complete.

    Out of Club players are asked to register for evaluations, including a $10.00* payment online. Please use the link below to register.*please note if selected to a CMFSC team this $10.00 will automatically be applied to your registration cost*Players will not be allowed to participate in evaluations that do not have this process complete.

    For CMFSC returning players that are applying for Kidsport or Jumpstart, they are required to email their grant request to CMFSC’s registrar prior to attending evaluations). Please contact the CMFSC Registrar directly at registrar/at/ for the Kidsport application form. (Jumpstart forms are available directly from the program).