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Referee Development


Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Referee Development Program 2016/17

The Referee Development Program at CMFSC is set-up to offer a structured support network to aid new and existing referees in our club improve their officiating. Today’s successful referee places a strong emphasis on fitness training and FIFA laws knowledge. They are always looking for ways to improve their performance both on and off the field of play. This is the approach we will encourage our referees to strive for at CMFSC.

The CMFSC Referee Development Staff will structure a program that offers support through field side mentoring, field training, and educational sessions. The corner stone of the program is the mentoring team assembled to offer guidance to our grassroots referees. The interaction of mentor to official is critical for positive development in refereeing. All club referees will have access to field training and education clinics to help reinforce correct application of FIFA Laws and game knowledge through shared experience.

All Will Be Asked to Follow the Following CMFSC Referee Standards

  • Commitment to fulfill assigned game from referee scheduler.
  • Arrival at field 30 minutes to game kickoff.
  • Dress code – no team wear, standard referee kit to include a black jersey ( yellow as alternate ), black shorts, black socks, black shoes.
  • Professionalism both on and off the field of play.
  • A desire to do your best on every match assigned to you.

Upcoming courses & clinics:

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CMFSC Referee Development Program Overview


  • BCSA Referee Entry Level Clinic
  • BCSA Small Sided Referee Clinic
  • BCSA Referee Refresher Clinic


  • CMFSC Divisional Referee Meeting - Sept. 8
  • Clinic # 1 – Assistant Referee Movement and Signal Drills - Sept. 9
  • CMFSC Small Sided Referee Meeting - Sept. 14
  • Clinic # 2 & 3 – Small Sided Referee Refresher - Sept. 16 & 23
  • Clinic # 4 – Assistant Referee offside training - Sept. 30
  • CMFSC Referee Mentoring Program


  • Referee Practical Training Clinics
  • CMFSC Referee Mentoring Program
  • Clinic # 5 – Referee Signals and Concentration training - Oct. 7
  • Clinic # 6 – Assistant Referee offside training - Oct. 21
  • Clinic #7 - Assistant Referee Offside and Movement Training - Oct. 28


  • CMFSC Referee Education Night
  • CMFSC Referee Mentoring Program


  • CMFSC Referee Mentoring Program


  • Referee Practical Training Clinics
  • CMFSC Referee Mentoring Program


  • Referee Practical Training Clinics
  • CMFSC Referee Mentoring Program
  • Referee Education Night


  • CMFSC Referee Mentoring Program – DMFT
  • Annual BCSA Referee Registration due – Mar 31 ( SSG Referees exempt )


  • CMFSC Mentoring Program concludes
  • Referee appreciation Night

May – July

  • Monitor exhibition game assignments
  • Preparation for upcoming youth season