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Ensuring Uniform consistency amongst all coaches, players & teams

Uniform Policy

The purpose of this document is to communicate to all officials a program to be followed by all club members and ensure consistency amongst all teams. Only "club issued and approved" gear may be worn when representing the CMFSC. Players and coaches [and managers - not on field] are not permitted to wear any clothing other than that described in the following articles.

The primary colours for CMFSC are Royal Blue and Black.

Club gear and logo are only to be used on board approved chosen brand and supplier.

The club home jersey is blue and black stripes and must be worn whenever there is not a conflict with the opposing team. This is our primary uniform and brand.

Absolutely nothing is to be attached to uniforms and club specific attire unless instructed by the club Board of Directors. Club specific attire is defined as:

  • Club uniforms, shorts & socks
  • Club warm up shirts
  • Club track suits
  • Club back packs / bags

Teams or individuals found not to be adhering to the Uniform policy will be required to correct, dispose and replace the offending gear, at their own expense, immediately upon notification.

All outerwear/training gear (track suits, tops, pants, jackets, training shirts, shorts & socks) must follow the primary color combination. Each season, the club/board will determine the styles that will be available.

For the alternate uniforms, the club/board will determine the style of the white alternates on an annual basis.

The Club's Equipment Manager assigns uniforms.

If a coach, manager or divisional coordinator is unsuccessful in obtaining equipment from a player, the equipment manager is to be notified so that the Board of Directors can deal with these individuals.

Coaches Kit program

In 2012, we introduced a program where CMFSC will supply a kit for all coaches from MSL and below (two kits distributed, per team). The intent is for all coaches to wear the kit during games and training so that our colours are well presented on a consistent basis. Our program consists of an automatic renewal every four years. Coaches, if registered as a volunteer in Power Up, will get an reminder upon the four year renewal date. They will then be responsible to confirm their information for a new kit.

What is provided is as follows:

  • U8 to Adult -Training Jacket, training pants and rain jacket
  • Initiation Academy - Polo top and rain jacket
  • Coaches moving from IA U7 will be given the training jacket and pants
  • Coordinators - Training top and rain jacket

All new coaches for the season will be required to set up a profile on Power Up (if you don't have one already) and have an up to date Criminal Record Check. Information regarding ordering will come out from the Equipment Coordinator in the beginning of each season. Following is this years flyer. Please note that styles may vary due to inventory.

Uniform Kit program

With the training jacket and blue/black jersey being the core of the brand, we want to focus on those components. The intent is to have SPL lead the change in the cycle. The cycle is planned for a two year run, based on the Adidas introductions, we are currently using a Club member designed jacket for the Spring of 2018 and will release a new design in 2019.

The uniform style will be changed on an annual basis starting with the SPL teams.

1. Standard offerings for club members include:

Training Jacket Rain Jacket
Blue/Black Track Jersey White Alternate Jersey
Training Pant Training Pant
White Shorts *** Black Shorts
White Socks *** Black Socks
Long Sleeved Training Shirt/Jersey Short Sleeved Training Shirt/Jersey
Club Polo Stadium Jacket
Backpack Club Scarf
Club Umbrella Duffel Bag
Club Toque Club Baseball Hat
Bleed Blue and Black Tee Club Tee Shirt
Club Hoodie Club Goalie Jersey
  • The training jacket may have multiple options depending on timing. The objective is to change the jacket every 2 years, based on the Adidas cycle, but the teams will have the option to fill in or purchase new if they have existing styles.
  • Items such as the stadium jacket may have different versions based on cost options.
  • Any logoing will only be allowed on items provided by our major sponsor, Adidas.
  • ***Note: Only available for BCSPL Program. No other teams are to have white socks or shorts.

2. SPL teams receive the following in their kits:

Training Jacket White Alternate Jersey
Blue/Black Jersey White Socks
Black Socks Short Sleeved Training Jersey/Shirt
Training Pant Black Shorts
White Shorts                     Club goalie jersey (2)

3. SPL coaches receive:

Rain jacket
Training jacket
Polo Top/long and short sleeved training tops
Max 3 officials per team

4. MSL teams receive the following in their kits:

Black/Blue jersey
White alternate jersey
Black shorts
Black socks
Club goalie jersey

We mandate all MSL teams also purchase the following package separately:

Training jacket
Training pants
Short sleeved training shirt/jersey
Long sleeved training shirt/jersey
Backpack/Team Bag

5. All other teams receive the following in their kits (U8 and up):
*U11+ jerseys will come numbered

Black/Blue jersey
White alternate jersey
Black shorts
Black socks

6. Adult teams receive the following in their kits:

Black shorts
Black socks
Adult teams are responsible for holding the sets of jerseys.
New sets of uniforms will be alternated between whites and blue/blacks. In 2015, we will supply a new set of whites followed by blue/blacks in 2016. Cycle will begin again in 2017 with whites.
CMFSC Teamwear

Equipment Overview

Individual team officials (coaches/managers) are responsible for picking up the uniforms and equipment assigned to that team prior to the commencement of the season. Team officials must provide a post-dated cheque for $150, dated September 1st of the following year, as a deposit for the equipment and will be responsible for returning all of the equipment at the end of the season. 

Each team will be issued a blue lock key, which will allow access to the field equipment sheds and boxes. Nets, corner flags, liners and in some cases portable goal posts are supplied in these locked up areas for team contests. Each coach is responsible for returning this equipment to the storage area after their game. 

The following is what is provided to each team...

Age Group Practice Balls Size Game Ball Cones Red Triangles Pinnies Goalie Jersey Goalie Gloves
Competitive Teams                
U13 - U14 | 17 Players 1 per player 5 1 30 4 8 Yes, returned None
U15 - U16 | 18 Players 1 per player 5 1 30 4 9 Yes, returned None
U17 | 19 Players 1 per player 5 1 30 4 10 Yes, returned None
U18 | 20 Players 1 per player 5 1 30 4 10 Yes, returned None
Minis - Boys                
U11 - U12 | 14 Players 1 per player 4 1 30 4 7 Yes, returned Yes
U10 | 12 Players 1 per player 4 1 30 4 6 Yes, returned Yes
U9 | 12 Players 1 per player 4 no 30 no 6 Yes, returned Yes
U8 | 12 Players 1 per player 3 no 30 no 6 Yes, returned Yes
Minis - Girls                
U11 - U12 | 12 Players 1 per player 4 1 25 4 6 Yes, returned Yes
U10 | 11 Players 1 per player 4 1 25 4 6 Yes, returned Yes
U9 | 11 Players 1 per player 4 no 25 no 6 Yes, returned Yes
U8 | 11 Players 1 per player 3 no 25 no 6 Yes, returned Yes