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U11-U12 Select Team

U11 & U12 Select Team and House Information



The Under 11 Season will consist of several changes for players and teams as the players transition from our Two Streamed Development & House League to the Under 11 and Under 12 Select and House League.

Please refer to the FAQ section for information about the Under 11 and Under 12 divisions.

The Under 11 & 12 age group is a continuation of the philosophy of our Under 8 to Under 10 Two Streamed House League. Grouping players with similar ability, coaches will be able to deliver activities at a pace that will meet their players’ needs. In this way, instruction is differentiated, meeting players at their level with the goal of moving them along the continuum of Long Term Player Development. We want all players to be challenged, to build their skills and to enjoy their playing experiences.

We wish to provide coaches with technical support to ensure they are meeting the needs of their players. We believe that providing children with the opportunity to play with and against those of similar ability will enhance both player and coach development.

Some Guiding Principles for the Under 11 & 12 Age Group

  • Technical support for all coaches in the age group to evenly distribute coaching talent.
  • Player Development Programs available for all players
  • A transparent evaluation and ongoing assessment process.
  • A clear communication plan to parents and coaches.

Any technical questions, can be directly to:

Alfredo Valente – CMFSC, Assistant Technical Director
Andrea Maloney – CMFSC, Head Coach, Girls

Frequently Asked Questions