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  FALL 2020-2021 U8 - U18 REGISTRATION OPEN!U4 - U7 Registration reopens August 15, 2020. 
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Registration Process

2020-2021 Registration Fee Schedule -

Age Group Birth Year 2020-21 Registration Fees 2020-21 Registration Fees AFTER June 24th *There will be no increase in fees due to COVID-19
Metro (U13 - U18) 2008 - 2003 $535
U17 & U18 2004 - 2003 $410
U15 & U16 2006 - 2005 $380
U13 & U14 2008 - 2007 $355
U11 & U12 Select 2010 - 2009 $355
U11 & U12 2010 - 2009 $335
U8 - U10 2013 - 2011 $335
U6 & U7 2015 - 2014 $305
U4 & U5 2017 - 2016 $265
If this is your first time registering for CMFSC please access this information guide to help you with this process.
Registration Policy click here.
Refund Policy click here.
Collection Policy click here.
For Frequently Asked Registration Questions, please visit our FAQ page here. For further information, please contact our member services coordinator at Member Services
Questions relating to a specific age group should be emailed to your Age Group Coordinator (U4-U12) or Member Services (U13-U18) listed on the Club Contact Page.
For evaluation dates, locations, FAQ's and other details, please see our Evaluations Page here.
Kidsport grants applicants should contact the CMFSC Registrar to obtain the correct pre-filled form (Evaluation players should do this prior to evaluations).
Jumpstart grant applicants should contact Jumpstart directly for grant forms, but are asked to return a scanned copy of the completed form by email to our CMFSC Registrar.