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Girls U13
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U13 Division 1 Thorns Lindsay Sayers
U13 Division 2 Modena Gino Di Francesco
U13 Division 2 Xtreme Sandi Potis
U13 Division 3 TBA Sean Northcott
U13 Division 3 TBA Ryan Proctor
U13 Division 3 TBA Neil Moretti
Girls U14
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U14 Metro Pegasus Joe Scigliano
U14 Division 1 Broncos Tony Gaita
U14 Division 1 Titans Andrea Maloney
U14 Division 2 Rebels Tobin Lock
U14 Division 3 Quake Fernando Vicente
U14 Division 3 TNT Jason Ryshak
Girls U15
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U15 Metro Revolution Tiarnan King
U15 Division 1 Attack Chris Verbeek
U15 Division 2 Blue Rockets Dave Worsley
U15 Division 2 Riptide Tim Burke
U15 Division 3 Coyotes Chris Stefani
U15 Division 3 Panthers Enzo Zenone
Girls U16
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U16 Metro Predators George Dotto
U16 Division 1 Outlaws Sue Isomura
U16 Division 2 Courage David Azzi
U16 Division 3 Earthquakes Paul Carter
Girls U17
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U17 Metro Shockwave Chris Verbeek
U17 Division 1 Thunder Kelly Chow
U17 Division 2 Chaos Mike Griffiths
U17 Division 3 Aztecks Loay Alasoo
U17 Division 3 Dash Larry Sawrenko
Girls U18
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U18 Division 1 Storm Mike Catton
U18 Division 2 Fury Franco Gallina
U18 Division 2 Inferno Marc Gargan