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  FALL 2020-2021 U8 - U18 REGISTRATION OPEN!U4 - U7 Registration reopens August 15, 2020. 
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Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club

With many changes for this year's start of the season, we ask that ALL CMF Members review the information below. This is subject to amendments as we adapt to an ever changing situation. 



  • Field Marshals will be available at HOME fields on game days to provide support and answer questions to team officials. 
  • Field Marshals will set up home bases for each team and provide equipment (soccer balls, cones)
  • Field Marshals will confirm with Team Officials that TeamSnap Attendance and Health Checks have been completed.
  • Field Marshals will assist with directing teams to the appropriate Home and Away sides of the field. 
  • Field Marshals will assist spectators with the correct areas to view the games from (20 feet from grass fields, outside of fenced in fields). 


  • Teams will be placed in cohorts with either groups of four teams or 50 players. If in a cohort of four teams, the number of players may exceed 50. 
  • Cohorts may be adjusted as the season progresses with a weekend gap between play to fulfill a 14 day quarantine period. 
  • Teams are not permitted to scrimmage or set up exhibition games with teams outside of their cohort. 
  • Throw-ins are replaced with kick-ins. Please see KICK-IN section below. 
  • Teams are not to bring half-time snacks or shared drinks. 
  • Teams are not to shake hands, high 5, or bump elbows with each other, their opponent or the referee, and instead encouraged to do a post game cheer to acknowledge them. 
  • Team travel benches and tents are not to be used at this time. This includes players bringing their own individual chairs. 
  • Teams are to leave immediately after the game so that the next teams can prepare themselves for the upcoming game.
  • Teams are not allowed to enter their game field until the previous game has ended and all participants have exited. This means teams are not allowed to warm-up in end zones or open corners of the field. 
  • If both teams are CMF and either team is short players, teams should work together to make sure there are enough players on each team for the game or lower the number of players on the field if both teams are short (go from 11 v 11 to 8 v 8). 


  • Player HOME BASES will be set up at the corners of each field. Players are to keep all personal items at their dedicated home base. 
    • HOME BASES are represented by orange triangle cones and placed 6 feet apart. 
  • Players should return to their HOME BASE for the pre-game referee check, half-time, and post-game cheer. 
  • During the game, if players are substitutions, they are to remain on the sideline 6 feet apart from all other players and team officials. 
  • Players are not permitted to play for other teams outside of their cohort. 
  • Absolutely no spitting allowed.  
  • Players must complete their Attendance and Health Check on TeamSnap for each game. 
  • Players are not to share any items with other players (water, snacks, jerseys, mask, gloves, etc)
  • Players should bring to every game in a soccer bag:
    • Water bottle
    • Mask (does not need to be worn)
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Both jerseys
    • Garbage Bag (in case of inclement weather, players can put their soccer bag in the garbage bag to keep items dry)
    • Umbrella (optional)
    • Goalie gloves/gloves 


  • Home teams are responsible for setting up the field - moving goals into place, setting up nets, placing corner flags, etc.
  • If last game of the day, home teams are responsible for putting equipment away - moving goals back to fences, putting away nets and corner flags.
  • Equipment is only to be handled by team officials including soccer balls, cones, and goal posts/nets. 
  • Team Officials must review TeamSnap to ensure all of those in attendance have completed their Attendance and Health Check on TeamSnap for each game. 
  • Coaches are to read the pre and post session script with COVID-19 protocols. 
  • Team Officials are to confirm all of this information with their opponent. If they are the playing a non-CMF team, and the CMF team is travelling to another Club, make sure to get a list of their Return to Play & Safety Guide to ensure all measures are followed. 


All families and team officials should review the field they are attending before their first game. 

Player HOME BASES are represented by ORANGE arrows and will be Orange triangle cones on the field. 




  • No spectators/parents/siblings will be allowed on the field of play at any time during games (no exceptions outside of emergencies).
  • Spectators are expected to maintain all physical distancing protocols at all times while at the facility/park. 
  • Spectators are not permitted to enter the equipment storage areas, benches, locker rooms, bleachers, washrooms, etc. 
  • Spectators are to remain outside of fenced fields, and 20 feet away from grass/gravel fields. 


When there are built-in team benches (Charles Best, Town Centre - Cunnings, Mobilio, Fridge, Percy Perry, or at some away team fields), they will be available for use with the following restrictions:

  • Benches will be sanitized by the Field Marshal before, between, and after each game. 
  • Benches are reserved only for substitution players to sit at and not to be used for pre-game, half-time, or post-game. 
  • Players must sit a minimum of 6 feet apart. If benches aren't marked with stickers/tape to note the distance, players should sit at opposite ends of the bench. 
  • It is recommended for players to wear masks while sitting in the bench area. 
  • If there is not enough space on the bench to fit all the sub players six feet apart, players may sit on the ground in front of the bench or sit/stand along the fence. 
  • Bags and personal items must remain at Player Home Base.
  • A limited amount of chairs will be provided for team officials in the Bench area - only for Team Officials (not players). 
    • Chairs will be sanitized before, between, and after each game. 
    • A Team Official also has the option to bring their own chair.
  • For away games, teams are to follow the away team protocols for bench usage and at a minimum follow our expectations listed above. 

These guidelines only minimize risk and does not fully eliminate it. Players that aren't comfortable sitting on the benches are not required to. 


A kick-in is awarded to the opponents of the player who last touched the ball when the whole of the ball passes over either sideline, on the ground or in the air. 

  • All kick-ins are indirect free kicks.
  • The ball must be placed (using the feet, no hands) on the sideline where the ball exited the field. 
  • The ball must not be moving when the kick in is taken. 
  • The ball cannot be touched twice in a row by the player taking the kick-in. 
  • The off-side rule is in effect for kick-ins. 
  • The ball is in play when it is kicked, clearly moves and enters the field of play. 
  • If the ball does not enter the field of play, the kick-in is retaken by the same team from the same position. 
  • Opponents should stand 10 yards from the kicker.
  • Further Recommendation:
    We are recommending players take the kick-in with one foot planted beside the ball and no run-up. We want players to be encouraged to play a pass and maintain possession rather than kicking the ball in the general direction of the goal. This message should be delivered by coaches to players AND parents. Opposition teams may not use the same tactic - there is no penalty or punishment for disobeying this rule, but we are asking teams to play in the spirit of the game. 


Each Club has created their own Return to Play & Safety Guide which may or may not have similar guidelines as ours. Team Officials are to confirm with their opponent when they are playing a non-CMF team, what their exact expectations are for the game. Spectators should be aware that some Cities have opted to have no spectators allowed at the facility.
Teams that have scheduled away games have been contacted to pickup a limited amount of equipment for those games.