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Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club

With many changes for this year's start of the season, we ask that ALL CMF Members review the information below. This is subject to amendments. 



  • Home and Away teams are to connect the Wednesday before the game to confirm game time, game location, and uniform colour. This will avoid any miscommunications and possible errors in the schedule. 


  • Pre-Game
    • The home team team officials should be prepared to arrive extra early for the game to setup the field.
      GRASS FIELDS: Moving goals into place, attaching nets, and putting corner flags into place (all grass fields will be lined in advance).
      TURF FIELDS: Moving goals into place and putting corner flags into place. 
    • Coaches should plan to have their team arrive to the game roughly 30 - 45 minutes prior to kick-off to allow for ample time for a proper warm-up and pre-game discussion. Depending on the scheduled field, teams might have to warm-up in surrounding areas. 
    • The home and away team are to set up on one side of the field while ALL spectators are to remain on the other side. If you are playing on turf, all spectators must remain outside the fenced area. Teams may set up team benches or tents if space allows. 
    • Coach/manager should bring soccer balls, cones, pinnies, an extra uniform, first-aid kit, and a blue lock key. U11 + teams are required to also bring their team roster and team ID cards. 
    • Players should bring their own soccer bag with a water bottle, both jerseys, a mask, and hand sanitizer. Optional: own goalie gloves, rain jacket, toque. 
    • The referee will check in both teams and check for proper equipment including cleats, shin-guards and uniforms. Absolutely no jewelry is permitted unless it is for medical or religious purposes. Earrings must be removed in all instances. 
    • Referees are paid directly by the Club. 
    • A team captain from each team will meet the referee at the centre of the field for the coin toss. 
  • During the Game
    • Coaches should have a pre-set line-up with the intention to play all players as equally as possible during the game. 
    • Substitutions will be permitted during the game when the ball leaves the field of play. 
    • Players that are not playing, should be sitting and watching the game on the team bench or in a designated area. 
    • Coaches are to stay on their designated side of the field and not to cross the centre line.
      *U8 team coaches are able to be on the field to help teams until the December break. 
      *U8 - U9 teams may have one coach behind the goal to help the goalkeeper. They are not to coach the entire team, only the goalie. 
  • Post Game
    • Teams can do a cheer and clap for the other team and referee.  
    • Make sure to retrieve your player ID cards from the referee (U11+ teams).
    • If your team is the last game of the day (you don't see any other teams), all field equipment must be returned to the storage bins and locked up. 


Always act with respect and integrity at another team's field. Check in with the other team to see if they have any other protocols in place that you might need to follow (parking, etc).