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With many changes for this year's start of the season, we ask that ALL CMF Members review the information below. This is subject to amendments as we adapt to an ever changing situation. 



  • Teams are not to train outside of their dedicated training times. A CMFSC Staff Member (Field Marshal) will be present at every field to assist with sanitizing protocols and answer any questions. This includes booking indoor gyms, or other team activities. 
  • Team equipment (cones, balls, etc) will not be distributed directly to teams. Equipment will be maintained at the field and given out at each session by the Field Marshal and then returned at the competition of the session. 
  • Pinnies are not to be shared. Each player should have their own dedicated penny. 
  • Teams are to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of their training times and are to use set field entrances and exits. 
  • Teams are to leave immediately after training is completed to ensure the next session can start on time. 
  • Teams are not permitted to do any activities involving contact (even incidental), or where players cannot maintain 3 m of distance at all times. 


  • Player HOME BASES will be set up at the corners of each field. Players are to keep all personal items at their dedicated home base including water bottle, and equipment bag. 
  • Absolutely no spitting allowed. 
  • No contact is permitted between players during practice.
  • Players must maintain 3 m of distance at all times.
  • No heading or throw-ins.
  • Only fully registered players are allowed to train with their team. Anyone not registered should contact Member Services. 
  • Players must complete their Attendance on TeamSnap before each training. 
  • Players are to complete the BC Self-Assessment Tool and follow any Healthy Authority protocols. 
  • Players are not to share any items with other players (water, snacks, jerseys, mask, etc)
  • Players are recommended to wear masks when entering and exiting the field of play. Masks may be removed during practice. 
  • Players should bring to every practice in a soccer bag:
    • Water bottle
    • Mask (to be worn to and from field - may be removed during play)
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Both jerseys
    • Garbage Bag (in case of inclement weather, players can put their soccer bag in the garbage bag to keep items dry)


  • It is recommended for all team officials to wear masks when attending practice.
  • Equipment is only to be handled by team officials including soccer balls, cones, and goal posts/nets. 
  • Club Curriculum is available for all U8 - U18 teams here. Contact Member Services if you require the password. 
  • All sessions must maintain social distance at ALL times of 3 m.  
  • Coaches are not to participate in training if they cannot physical distance. A coach can act as a goalie (with gloves) but not as a player, unless stationary and physically distanced from other players.
  • Team Officials must review TeamSnap to ensure all of those in attendance have completed their Attendance for each training session. 
  • Coaches are to read the pre and post session script with COVID-19 protocols. Click HERE


  • Field Marshals will direct teams to their training location. 
    • Teams are to use the appropriate entrance/exit and parking lot associated with that portion of the field. Please review our field guide here
  • On fields where there are two teams, the field will be equally split in half down the middle.
  • On fields where there are three teams, the field will be split into a half and two quarters. 
    • The minis team will remain on the quarter of the field, while the two divisional teams will alternate weeks on the half field. 
  • On fields where there are four teams, the field will be equally split into four quarters. 


No spectators are allowed at any sport activities under the PHO order on November 19, 2020. The only people allowed to attend sport activities are those that provide care to a participant or player. For example, providing first aid. 

Players that require a guardian to accompany them to and from a field can continue. The process for this situation is as follows: 

    • The parent/guardian is to maintain social distance and wear a mask to walk the player to their designated field. Once the player has connected with their team, the parent is to return to their vehicle. The same process should happen at pick-up time as players should be dismissed to parents. 
    • Make sure your contact information, including a cell phone number, is up to date on TeamSnap and directly with the team coach/manager. 
    • Have your child use the washroom at home before attending an activity. If a player requires supervision to use the washroom during a practice or game, the parent will be called to accompany them. 


Anytime a team decides to cancel a practice, please use the Practice Cancellation Form found in the Team Officials Guide


Lights can be located at all of the all weather fields. They are on pre-set timers, but you may be required to activate them by pressing the main power button. If you are the last user on the field, please turn the lights off as you leave. 

Along the MacIntosh St side of the gravel field, there is a large green electrical box. There is a large red button to press to turn the lights on and off.

Between the baseball diamond and the playground, there are two large green electrical boxes. Between them, there is a sign for a button that turns on/off the lights.

The button to turn on the lights is on the washroom building, located between the parking lot and the field. On the side of that building that faces the playground there is an on and off button right on it that you use. There is a water fountain right beside it.

If the lights do not turn on and it is dark, please contact Member Services