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Noah Lefebvre
Noah Lefebvre


Noah Lefebvre

BU14 Div. 2 Hotspurs

The CMFSC Boys Under 14 Division 2 Hotspurs were matched against the PoCo Euro-rite Falcons last weekend. Up to that point, the Hot Spurs had not been challenged in league play. The Falcons provided the team’s first real test, and played the Hot Spurs to a 2-2- draw. During the game, CMFSC’s Noah Lefebvre played a key central mid-field role contributing to the team’s build-up but also defending the Falcon’s counter attacking that strengthened as the game went on. In addition to Noah’s strong on-field game day contributions, Noah is also known for the strong character he brings to practice sessions, leading by example. For his strong mid-field performance this past weekend and over the early part of the season, and for his overall dedication and hard work during training. Noah Lefebvre is named the Coquitlam Metro-Ford Male Player of the Week.

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