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Juliana Bakirgis
Juliana Bakirgis


Juliana Bakirgis

GU14 Kodiaks

Juliana Bakirgis was voted the Kodiaks' most valuable player so far this season by her teammates. Affectionately known as "Goose" to her teammates and coaches, Juliana generally has an upbeat attitude and a smile on her face and has been a tower of strength for the team on the field so far this season taking the majority of the team's corner kicks and free kicks due to her ability to kick the ball not only far but accurately. Modest but confident in her abilities, Juliana was uncomfortable at being singled out by her teammates but deserves the accolades as an immensely competitive and focused player who makes practices and games more fun. Congratulations to Juliana Bakirgis for her nomination for the Coquitlam Metro-Ford Female Player of the Week.

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