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Wesley, Joanne, Curtis, Mitchell and Griffin Sim
Wesley, Joanne, Curtis, Mitchell and Griffin Sim

How could you “not” like Domenic….the guy could make anyone laugh. Domenic was dedicated to soccer development. The U16 “Gunners” had Domenic teach them some great skills and drills that will help them all of their playing days. I’ll never forget the time Domenic came out to see his cousins Michael and Ryan play lacrosse. Michael was a little droopy that day and was not very motivated. We looked up the hill (at Rochester box) and there was Domenic. I guess this gave “super” Mike a reason to play and he lit up the box by scoring 4 goals. It was interesting to hear about his international and professional days with our local teams. He never slagged anyone, and was always quite humbling about his success. Domenic attended my father’s funeral and he did not even know my dad. But that was the kind of person he was and the kind of respect he had for others. All the words like “surreal”, “unfair”, “disbelief”, “anger” and “no way” come to mind, but they will not bring Domenic back. He was “life” and will always be “life” in our hearts. I have a tear in my eye as I am writing this because all of us have lost a “GREAT” friend. But the tears soon go away when you think of Domenic and the way he could liven up the room, or jokingly smile at you and make you smile. I know how hard Domenic worked for our soccer club and his efforts are proof that this club is and will stay strong. My heart felt condolences go out to Domenic’s Mother and Father. Your boy was a “class act “. Take care of yourselves Tony and John. To the entire Mobilio family, we are here for you and we are thinking about you at this very difficult time. The circle of life is a lousy thing sometimes, but we can all cherish the time we had with Domenic. If it was indeed Domenics heart that gave out, I am sure it was from giving so much of it to others.

Good bye my friend…We will miss you “Dom Ho”

Wesley, Joanne, Curtis, Mitchell and Griffin Sim 

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