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Tom McManus
Tom McManus

Domenic Mobilio will be missed by everyone, not only in the soccer world but outside of it as well. Dom was truly a gentleman who was a very gifted player. When I was coaching the Winnipeg Fury in the CSL and we had the 86ers coming up, the majority of the week was spent on how we were going to defend Domenic. He was such a great goalscorer and even when you felt that you had him, he would do something comletely magical and finish it with a great goal. Then I would hear the person in the stands shout out "Thank You Domenic Mobilio" and the entire crowd would join in. Today everyone is shouting that out. Thank you Domenic Mobilio for showing us what a class person looks like. You are a great role model for all of the youth players in Canada not only in Coquitlam.You will be sadly missed but I sincerely hope that all of the youth players take note of the quality and the sportsmanship that you always showed. You are without a doubt the best striker that Canada has ever had and it is going to be tough trying to fill your shoes.My sincere condolences go out to the Mobilio family. My prayers are with you Dom, please give us the vision that you had so that we may continue on with the development of soccer.

Tom McManus 

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