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The Viana Family
The Viana Family

I would like to send my deepest condolences to the friends and family of Domenic Mobilio. My families prayers are with you all and he will be missed. 

My name is Roy Viana and I had the pleasure of competing against Domenic at all levels of outdoor soccer from a club, provincial and professional level. I have been leaving in the U.S for some time now but never forget my soccer memories.
My fondest memory was in 1986 National Club Championship in Saskatchewan playing against Domenic. I was playing for Edmonton Juventus and we meet B.C in the semi final match. My teammates and I had heard some much about this one player "Mobilio" and as it turned out he meet all the hype. We won that night a bit of an upset but I will always remember how hard Domenic
worked the night to win and how confident he carried himself after the game. We later competed several times at the provincial level and finally numerous times professionally. Domenic as a 86er and I as a brickmen in the CSL. He never changed as a player over all those year hard working, confident and classy. I always admired Domenic and he was a great role model. I believe we live off the field as we did on and I'm sure this was true of him. We are the same age and the news of his passing has effected me greatly and also strengthened my soccer memories even more.

I am just one of many, many people you don't know with memories of Domenic and the positive effect he had on people.

He will never be forgotten !

The Viana Family - Coconut Creek, Florida

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