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The coaching staff and players of the SPURS.
The coaching staff and players of the SPURS.

We're all going to miss Dominic. He was an inspiration to all the young soccer players and to all of us coaches. He played and coached soccer with enthusiasm and passion. When we practiced at Mundy Park, we could hear Dominic's encouragements and instructions that he gave to the the young players he coached, and we could see Dominic's tall frame dribbling a soccer ball, as he demonstrated his quick and evasive moves. We're sure that he will still be coaching all of us as he will be looking down on to Mundy Park and the rest of the fields encouraging us and directing us as we play the best sport in the world. No one understands why he had to leave so soon and suddenly, but some say that the coach of all coaches needed him up there with him, and he only takes the best. We send our sympathies and prayers to his family and close friends.

The coaching staff and players of the SPURS. 

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Domenic Mobilio