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Shel Brodsgaard
Shel Brodsgaard

To the Mobilio Family,
I am sorry to learn of this tragic turn of events while we are staying in Thailand with the U19 Women's National Team and participating in the World Championships. I know that Dom touched several of these young girls lives in the past few years, as well as my own for the past 16 years.
I cannot even begin to say how devastating the loss of this passionate, positive, hard working, and friendly young man feels. It saddens me to think how much more he had to give, through soccer, and of course life.
I am saddened for your family, his friends and all the familiar faces in the North American Soccer Community, which will remember Dom for his tremendous talent on the soccer field, and dedication to the game off the field.
Please understand that we are all working hard (even though we are so far away) to deal with this tragedy.

Shel Brodsgaard 

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