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Rod, Susan and Reina Hooge
Rod, Susan and Reina Hooge

As parents with a son in CCSA for 5 years so far and a daughter up and coming, we were very happy to know that Dominic was CCSA's head coach. Even without him needing to say many words, it was obvious he was a man with prinicipals and decorum. He knew how to express his love for soccer in a way that was infectious to the youth he guided. As parents, we were delighted to have him as our head coach and we saw the love of soccer blossom is our son and in the eyes of our daughter. Only gifted people have the ability to transfer positive beliefs through the ranks and Dominic did just that. Even though he is now gone from us, we are very thankful he was able to come to our community and instill the love of soccer to our kids. Our condolences to the Mobilio family, peace and comfort to each of you.

Rod, Susan and Reina Hooge 

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Domenic Mobilio