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Ray Clark
Ray Clark

The tragic news of Domenic’s death has rocked the soccer community across Canada and our heart felt condolences go out to the Mobilio family. Although, I first met Domenic as a member of our National Youth Team it was only in the last two years, when he embarked on a coaching career, that I began to know him as a person. I was immediately impressed by the way he carried himself. Always friendly and outgoing, he showed great class and humility. Where one might have expected an inflated ego because of his achievements as a player; this was not the case. Although, it was obvious he had been blessed with special gifts, he considered himself one of the boys and he drew tremendous respect from those who new him. His class and ability brightened our B and A License Courses in recent years and he will be missed by all of us who’s lives he has touched. I’m sorry I will not have the chance to get to know him better or to work with him again in the future and I mourn his loss as does all of Canada’s soccer community.

Ray Clark Director of Coaching & Player Development. Canadian Soccer Association.

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Domenic Mobilio