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Marinko Maras
Marinko Maras

I never really knew Dominic personally until he started coaching our Carney Senior Boys soccer team. I always knew he was a awesome soccer player from what people told me. But as I got to get to know him, not only was he great at soccer, but he was such a nice guy. Dominic would always ask me, "how's the injury coming along?" because I had a serious injury and only could play a few games with the senior team. But he made sure that every single time he saw me, he wouldn’t leave without asking me if I was fit to play. I still remember the looks on his face after I said "nooo, couple more weeks." It makes me laugh still. You could tell that he was so eager to call me a little wimp, but the nice guy he was, he just said, "well make sure you take care of it and get better."
Its not everyday that you meet a guy like Dom. So im blessed that I got the chance to meet him and get to know him.
My prayers go out to the Mobilio family.
Lots of love,

Marinko Maras 

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