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Kristine Jack (K.J) and Phebe Trotman
Kristine Jack (K.J) and Phebe Trotman

Very few individuals have the ability to touch and inspire so many people. Dom’s loving and giving personality made him the type of person that everyone hopes they will meet at some point in their lives. With his energy for the game, Dom modeled what the game is really all about-competition and loving what you do. We admired Dom not just for the great athlete and person he was but for the person he became and aspired to continue to be. Domo, also known as Gramps to few, had a contagious smile that was always followed with a ton of laughter. There was an unspoken bond amongst all of us and it will be cherished throughout our lives. We will never forget all the memories we’ve shared.

Our hearts are with you, Tony, and your family while you grieve this horrible tragedy. Our team and soccer will never be the same without you Domo.


Kristine Jack (K.J) and Phebe Trotman - Coquitlam City FC Premier

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