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Jeff Clarke
Jeff Clarke

Dominic was more than a great soccer player or coach. He was an exceptional person from top to bottom. In my professional career I have yet to find anyone who could bring a team together as well as Dom. It didn't matter what role you played on the team (ie top goalscorer, water boy, back-up goalkeeper) Dom made you feel just as important as anyone else. This innate ability is one thing that he did take from his playing days into his coaching career. The atmosphere and pride that he has created at CCSA is second to none. As a coach myself Dom was a consultant and mentor to me as I am trying my best to follow his lead. He truly loved every single kid in the organization and was always trying to improve his programs so that the grass roots can fulfill their goals and dreams.

To all players out there-The best way to play a tribute to Dominic Mobilio is to get out on the soccer field and do your best day in and out. Wear your jersey with pride and realize that it was through this exceptional person that you were able to experience this beautiful game of soccer.

Dom, we will always love you and you will never be forgotten.

Jeff Clarke - Friend, teammate, and colleague

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