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Greg, Lori, Erin and Alex Bodin
Greg, Lori, Erin and Alex Bodin

I have just read the many tributes posted in memory of Dominic Mobilio. Rather than restate the obvious, I'd like to share my experience with Dom on what turned out to be his last morning of watching over some of his CCSA followers, specifically the U-9 Boys playing at Hillcrest all weather field. There he was at the start of our game, standing on the sidelines watching these little eight year olds run hard and strong. Did he know that many of these boys were inspired to do so because of him? Did he know that in Canada he was the best example of soccer excellence and as such was idolized by most every child who was fortunate to be part of one of his many soccer camps?

As the game progressed he came to me to ask about a few of the boys playing in the game, boys from both teams and not just mine. He asked if I could try and speak to a few of these boys and their parents about coming out for the U-9 boys development team. It was obvious to me his interest was not in choosing the best for the sake of winning, but in trying to get as many boys involved in extra practice and study of this game he loved so they too could enjoy it as he did.

As the game continued , I am sure he wanted to tell me to relax, do not yell out instructions so much, but he respected my role as coach to these 12 boys and simply watched them play on that sandy field as I worried about their every move. He later asked me to try and help him move a power pole laying near one corner of the field, because he was worried that one of the boys would run into it while chasing a ball. When we could not budge it his first comment was not one of exasperation, but that he should get a hold of the city and school as soon as possible so that the problem was taken care of before someone got hurt.

So, this was Dom. He loved the sport, CCSA and every kid he helped in his camps or encountered as our Head Coach. God bless you Dom, we will miss you. I hope that we coaches will do you proud in the future, as it is now our responsibility to finish what you have started in CCSA.

Greg, Lori, Erin and Alex Bodin - U9 Boys Roadrunners

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