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Gayle, Megan, Devyn and Jenna Statton
Gayle, Megan, Devyn and Jenna Statton

Domenic, today we said our last goodbye's....until we meet again. You were an inspiration to me personally and to all the players of this great club. There were some people that never knew your gifts and for that I am truly sorry. You especially touched my U11 Strykers team and for that I will be forever thankful. We have lost a true star and are terribly saddened, but
our lives will only be better having known you. We wish your family much strength over this very difficult time. We will do what you would want us to do - play soccer, love soccer, have fun and be good to ourselves. It is understandable to see the thousands of people at your prayers and was an honour to know and love someone as beautiful as you. We will be touched and inspired by you forever.
With much love.......Rest In Peace!!

Gayle, Megan, Devyn and Jenna Statton 

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