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David Benning
David Benning

To the Mobilio Family and Friends,

On behalf of the CSA Technical Office, all of the National Team Coaches and Staff, the Boys U15 team here in Mexico and the Staff comprising of Stephen Hart, Kevin Muldoon, Ray Clark and myself, we would all like to express our condolences to the family.
Domenic was a great teammate, colleague, a true Canadian who wore the national team jersey with great pride and joy, but most of all he was also a great friend not only to me, but also the CSA Staff and also of some of the boys who are here with us in Mexico.
As most people are including ourselves we are all shocked at the news of his passing, but we wished to express that he is not forgotten no matter where we all are.
Again, our condolences to the family as you go through this difficult time. All of us here in Mexico wish we could be with you at this time, but our thoughts and prayers are with you.


David Benning Technical Programs Manager / National Staff Coach - Canadian Soccer Association

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Domenic Mobilio