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Ciao, Eric, Janet, Loryn and Chantel
Ciao, Eric, Janet, Loryn and Chantel

Domenic Mobilio is one of the classiest sports personalities this Province has ever produced. In this age of millionaire sports heroes and movie entertainers it is very difficult to find individuals who display the kind of commitment, passion and character that Domenic has given his hometown and the sport of soccer. If he had been as successful at hockey, football, basketball or baseball as he was at soccer, he surely would of been a gazzillionaire. But that didn`t matter to Domenic, he gave 110% of his commitment all the time. The NHL players could learn a thing or two about that. I am personally shocked and deeply saddened as is everyone in the soccer community. Domenic will be greatly missed by me, by you, by my kids, by your kids, by everyone he ever touched. May god bless Dom and may god bless his whole family.

Ciao, Eric, Janet, Loryn and Chantel 

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Domenic Mobilio