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Angela Pelleirn
Angela Pelleirn

I am very saddenned by this. You can never understand how someone so young and full of life can be taken this way. It is a huge loss to the Canadian, British Columbia, Vancouver, and most of all Coquitlam City Soccer communities. I can remember being a kid and listening to the calls of "Mooobbbeeelllllliiioooo" during the televised soccer matchs and chanting his name at Swangard when he scored what seemed like goal, after goal, after goal. Although, I can't say that I knew Dom other than quick chats and hellos at Blue Mountain Pk this past couple of months, it's easy to say that he was one-of-a-kind. You would expect that he would be somewhat arrogant and "busy with what he was doing" considering his accomplishments as a player, but he never was, not at all. He was welcoming and had a warm, sensitive way of communicating. I liked what I saw when he was working with the academy girls. He oozed enthusiasm and really showed the girls the way. I could tell that he really cared about what he was doing and about the development of each of his athletes. What a guy. My heart goes out to the Coquitlam City Womens "A" team, all the players, coaches, administrators, families of the youth programs, and the many fans who have been touched by Domenic. To us he was a great player, coach, mentor and person may a piece of Dom show on each and every one of you.He may be gone from your lives and your soccer world, but he has given so much, embrace it and never forget. And to those who knew him personally especially Vince D. (family, team mates, friends) I hope that you can find some light during this dark time. We had a moment of silence for you yesterday. Unbelievable.

Angela Pelleirn - Coquitlam Premier B, Burnaby Girls Soccer Club Coach

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