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CMFSC is committed to providing the best soccer experience. This agreement is intended to explain the expectations for parents of a CMFSC player. This agreement is not a legally binding document, but a guide to help ensure CMFSC players, coaches and volunteers all enjoy a positive soccer experience.

  1. I understand that I am expected to attend and be on-time for all training sessions, games and activities associated with the team that I am selected for (including during injury – to observe/listen, but excluding illness) and if I will be absent that the coach/team official must be notified in advance with a reason for the absence.
  2. I understand that the team comes first and should be my focus/motivation.
  3. I understand that a team's/club’s reputation is built not only on its playing ability, but also on sportsmanship. Players are to respect their peers, coaches, administrative staff, opponents (coaches, players and fans) and game officials. Players will refrain from making ANY comments towards their opponents or game officials.
  4. I understand that I must report any injuries and/or health concerns to the coaching staff before training session/game starts.
  5. I understand that I will be receiving ongoing evaluations (verbal and/or written) to enhance my development.
  6. I understand that any feedback I may have must be communicated to one of the team officials (Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager) first. If no satisfaction is met the Age Group Coordinator and then the CMFSC Technical Director/Head Coach may be contacted. Such contact should be respectful and away from other players/parents and in a location, away  from training or gamefacilities.
  7. I understand that a successful team is as much about on-field performance as off, and that a professional attitude, appearance and mature behaviour are expected always. You are representing, your family, your team and the club and should conduct yourself accordingly always.
  8. I understand that I maybe removed from the team if I do not follow the guidelines outlined above and/or because I’m negatively impacting my development or the development of other players on the team (including absenteeism), or any other reason provided by the Technical Director/Head Coach.

PDF COPY CMFSC_Player_Conduct Agreement