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CMFSC is committed to providing the best soccer experience for your child. This agreement is intended to explain the expectations for parents of a CMFSC player. This agreement is not a legally binding document, but a guide to help ensure that CMFSC players, coaches and volunteers all enjoy a positive soccer experience.

  1. I commit to being a positive influence on my child’s growth and development through sports by:
    1. Providing continuous positive reinforcement; realizing recognizing effort and performance is more important than reinforcing success
    2. Focusing on my child’s confidence–dissociating love & acceptance from performance
    3. Working on your emotional discipline and modeling appropriate behaviour
    4. Being a parent, NOT a coach–helping your child frame, understand and gain perspective from their coach’s decisions
  2. I agree to the Sport Parent’s Commitment, as outlined below:
    1. I do not force my child to participate in sports. They do so voluntarily, for their own enjoyment.
    2. I do not live vicariously through my child in sports.
    3. I do not have unrealistic expectations of my child in sports.
    4. I teach my child that winning isn’t everything and to take each victory with humility and grace
    5. I teach my child to accept losses with good sportsmanship and as an opportunity to improve
    6. I always find something to praise in my child’s performance.
    7. I let my child set his/her own standards of excellence.
    8. I provide love and support for my child regardless of sport performance and motivation.
    9. I support the coach’s decisions and employ the 24-hour rule when discussing any concerns with the coach.
    10. I openly support and respect the decisions of officials and set an example for my child and other parents in doing so.
    11. I will speak out and intervene in instances of unacceptable behaviour. I will not be a bullying bystander!
    12. I cheer for the team and my child in only positive ways from the stands.
    13. I provide positive support and encouragement to my child’s teammates.
    14. I never smoke or drink alcohol around my child’s sporting events.
    15. I ensure proper rest, hydration and nutrition for my child.
    16. I am on time for practices and competitions.
    17. I control my temper and use of bad language
    18. I am courteous and respectful to all parents on my child’s team and the opposing team.
    19. I never let an emphasis on sport create an imbalance in my child’s life.
    20. I do not harass, bully or abuse anyone involved in my child’s sport
    21. I ask my child if they had fun, and then ask why or why not.
    22. I will follow the policies and procedures of the sport.
    23. I will work with the sport to provide a safe environment for all participants.
    24. I will continue to invite communication with my child.

I understand that my son/daughter is expected to attend all training sessions, games and activities associated with their team (including during injury–to observe/listen; but excluding illness) and if my son/daughter will be absent that the coach/team official must be notified in advance with a reason for the absence.

I understand that I must respect the coaching and administrative staff, my peers (other parents/families), referees, and the CMFSC. Negative comments or behavior towards any of these groups or individuals will not be tolerated.

I understand that there will be zero tolerance and understanding for any negative behaviour towards game officials.

I understand that any coaching from the sidelines during training sessions and games will not be tolerated

I understand that any feedback I may have must be communicated to one of the team officials (Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager) first. If I am not satisfaction the Age Group Coordinator and then the CMFSC Technical Director/Head Coach may be contacted. Such contact should be away from other players/parents and in a location away from training or game facilities.

I understand that any breach of these guidelines will result in me being required to complete the 1-2 hour online education program, Respect in Sport at your own expense ($12-$15).

I understand that my child, and potentially I may be removed from all team activities, if breaches of these guidelines are chronic or serious enough in the eyes of the Technical Director, Head Coach or CMFSC Board of Directors.

PDF COPY CMFSC_Parent_Conduct Agreement

*Adapted from “Be a Positive Participant in Your Child’s Athletics.” by Sandra Stark