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Boots Without Borders Donation
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks Sara Maglio

The Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club is proud to partner with various charitable organizations. One of the organizations we support is "Boots Without Borders".  Here is a write up from one of our CMFSC players and Project Manager for Boots Without Borders:

My name is Ziyana Samanani (I play on Jeremy Low's U17 HPL team). I am the project manager for Boots Without Borders- the initiative that Metro Ford donated gear to in December. AJ Nielsen helped me co-ordinate the gear pick up with you.

I just wanted to thank you for your generous donation to this initiative. When I talked to AJ last, she mentioned that Metro Ford would like some pictures to post on the club website. Attached are a few pictures of the girls wearing the Metro Ford gear, as well as a short video clip from Kenyan News (the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy was featured for International Women's Day and there is footage of the girls playing in the uniforms). I am sorry for the delay in getting these to you.

Once again, thank you for the contribution. All of the girls in Kibera loved their new kits.





View More photos on the CMFSC In the Community Gallery Page here.


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