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Under the B.C. Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) we require your consent for the collection of your child’s personal information and the subsequent use or disclosure of this information. 

As a parent/guardian of a player participating in CMFSC sanctioned activities, I consent to having CMFSC collect personal information about my daughter and/or son for the purposes of administering CMFSC’s program and other soccer related activities. 

I understand that the following are examples of how personal information on CMFSC’S soccer/event registration form may be used and disclosed for soccer related activities and to other soccer related entities. These uses are not intended as an all-inclusive list. These activities form a vital part of a healthy and functioning CMFSC and the participation of all registrants in these activities is viewed as an important part of every player's enjoyment and development in soccer.

  • The use of a registrant's name for the identification of assigned teams.
  • The use of a registrant's name, address, telephone number, email address, birth date, parents'/guardians' name, address, telephone number, and email address for player identification purposes for soccer related activities.
  • The use of a registrant's name, address and related contact information for the purpose of acquiring voluntary assistance.
  • The use of a registrant's name, telephone number, and related contact information for changes to schedules and other soccer related activities.
  • The use of a registrant's name and photo for athletic events and sport related information for community newsletters or other soccer related publications.
  • The use of individual, team, or group photos taken during a soccer related event for display during soccer related functions.
  • The use of photos/videos, taken by a member/contractor of CMFSC for educational/promotional purposes relating to the game of soccer.
  • The use of a registrant's name and any health and/or related personal information to assist authorized individuals in responding to emergency situations and to assist the players who have a medical or other condition.

PDF Copy Collection & Use of Personal Information and Images Release