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I am the parent/guardian of the player, referee, coach, or volunteer being registered and have full legal responsibility for the decisions of said player, referee, coach, or volunteer. I believe my child/ward is physically, emotionally and mentally able to participate in soccer programs, and is doing so voluntarily and willingly.

I am aware that my child/ward’s participation in soccer programs involves many risks, dangers and hazards, which could result in damage, loss, serious physical injury or death to my child/ward.  Some of these risks, dangers andhazards include, but are not limited to:

  • Health: overexertion, dehydration, fatigue, lack of fitness or conditioning, traumatic injury, bacterial infections and rashes, and the transmission of communicable diseases, including viruses of all kinds, bacteria, parasites or other organisms or any mutation thereof.
  • Premises: defective, dangerous or unsafe condition of the facilities; falls; collisions with objects, walls, equipment or persons; dangerous, unsafe, or irregular conditions on grass, turf or other surfaces, extreme weather conditions; travel to and from premises
  • Use of Equipment: mechanical failure of the equipment; negligent design or manufacture of the equipment; the provision of or the failure by CMFSC to provide any warnings, directions, instructions or guidance as to the use of the equipment; failure to use or operate the equipment within my own ability.
  • Contact: I acknowledge that contact with soccer balls, other equipment, or other persons, whether intentional or unintentional, is a common part of soccer programs, and may lead to serious bodily injury, including but not limited to concussions and/or other brain injury, or serious spinal injury.
  • Advice: negligent advice regarding soccerprograms

My child/ward’s conduct and conduct of other persons including any physical altercation between soccer participants: I acknowledge that such conduct, including my child/ward’s negligence and negligence of other persons, including NEGLIGENCE ON The PART OF CMFSC, may increase the risk of damage, loss, personal injury or death. I understand that CMFSC may fail to safeguard or protect my child/ward from the risks dangers and hazards of soccer programs, some of which are referred to above.

I affirm that my child is in good physical condition and does not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit participation in the physical activities associated with the program. I acknowledge that participation in the program will be physically and mentally challenging, and I agree that it is my responsibility to seek component medical or other professional advice, regarding any concerns or questions involved with the ability of my child to take part in the program. By executing this form, whether on-line or by signature, I confirm that my child is capable of participating in the physical and mental activities and challenges associated with the program.

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