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Boys U13
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U13 Metro Columbus Frank Mollica
U13 Division 1 Shakhtar Kingsley Jones
U13 Division 2 Spurs Scott Handyside
U13 Division 2 City Steve Roos
U13 Division 3 Galaxy David Jones
U13 Division 3 Rangers Sean Antonson
U13 Division 3 The Blues Tony Papillo
U13 Division 3 Wolverines Kathryn Millar
Boys U14
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U14 Metro Inter Alfredo Valente
U14 Division 1 Como 07's Gino Di Francesco
U14 Division 2 Sparta John Vairo
U14 Division 2 Monaco Trevor Todd
U14 Division 2 Renegades Brent Wilson
U14 Division 3 BlackCaps Alan Wakeford
U14 Division 3 Munich Stefano Ropele
U14 Division 3 Saints FC David Polano
U14 Division 3 Timbers Jacob Kortenbach
U14 Division 3 Royals Kevin Boyd
Boys U15
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U15 Metro Atletico Sime Buric
U15 Division 1 Porto Steve Duncan
U15 Division 2 Barcelona Stewart Dill
U15 Division 2 Azzurri Eduardo Alvarez
U15 Division 2 Madrid Joe Scigliano
U15 Division 3 Lyon Irfan Gehlen
U15 Division 3 Arsenal Lyle Dunn
U15 Division 3 RK United Karnail Bhatti
Boys U16
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U16 Metro Bayern David Commerford
U16 Division 1 Ajax Stephen Townsend
U16 Division 1 Lazio Giovanni Gasbarro
U16 Division 1 Valencia Dean Stewart
U16 Division 2 Blue Devils Rob Head
U16 Division 3 Chelsea Craig Woods
U16 Division 3 Stompers John Patterson
Boys U17
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U17 Metro Schalke Sime Buric
U17 Division 1 Cobras Barry Callister
U17 Division 2 Celtic Stephen Midgley
U17 Division 3 Fire Iain McVey
U17 Division 3 Red Bulls Stipe Skaric
Boys U18
Division Level Team Name Coach Email
U18 Metro AC Milan Nuccio D'Addabbo
U18 Division 1 Impact Sal Gallo
U18 Division 3 Sounders Sasha Pesic