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Executive Summary

We have now reached the end of our 5-Year Strategic Plan. This plan was developed with the assistance of Capitis Consulting and through extensive research and consultation with our members and valued stakeholders.Designed with player development at its core, the plan set strategic goals and targets for players, coaches,referees, facilities, finance, community, and club operations, to make Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club an all-around stronger and better club for every member.

We are extremely proud of the steps that we have made in five years in reaching our strategic planning goals. In the past five years we have seen our club through qualification for the BC Club Charter & BC High Performance License, the Canadian Soccer Club License, and most recent navigating through COVID-19. Through it all we continued to have our strategic goals forefront and were able to attain a success rate of nearly 75% of our goals. It is important to note that our success rate is skewed by the absence of an indoor facility.

CMFSC continues to be one of the recognized centres of excellence for player development amongst community soccer clubs in Canada. We reached a success rate of 80% for our Player Development goals – including hitting over 90% of our targets for advancement of players through national teams, post-secondary soccer programs, pro-academies, and pro-soccer careers.

The 2015-2020 strategic plan was created with an emphasis on Coach Development as we continue to recognize the impact our coaches have on our Club and directly on player development. We reached over 95% of our strategic goals through the development of our mentorship program, establishment of Age Group Head Coaches across all age groups and levels, and a full club curriculum and activities established online.

Under the direction of Pete Dragan, our Referee Development program was able to accomplish most of the goals in our strategic plan. Through the strategic plan, the majority of our referees now receive annual documented evaluations, and through our mentorship program, 100% of our grassroots referees receive mentor support. Our referee supply pool continues to grow rapidly to keep up with our demand to cover a growing minis and lower mainland league. We are very proud that our referees report a positive experience with 99% of our referees never reporting abuse from CMFSC spectators.

In-line with our Facilities Development goals, CMFSC has continued to advocate for an indoor soccer facility and club office space in meetings with the City of Coquitlam and School District 43. Most recently in 2019 we hired a consultant, RC Strategies, to create a Business Case for an Indoor Center in Coquitlam that was presented to the City of Coquitlam and SD43 in early 2020. Although, we have not been able to make any advancements in this area, a community-based indoor field sports facility remains a strategic priority. The financial position of the club continues to be strong. By the end of 2020, our hope was that our capital improvement fund was put towards the development of an indoor facility, but that has not come to fruition. Overall, we have completed over 70% of our Financial Development goals during this time period.

A large focus in our club through the strategic plan is continued engagement and support of our community. We achieved over 98% of our Community Responsibility goals and something we are most proud when reflecting back on this five year journey. Our mandate is to ensure that no player cannot participate due to financial barriers in soccer through our continued contributions to Kidsport. Our club continues to be a major supporter in the Kick for a Cure annual event supporting the Michael Cuccionne Foundation and research for child-hood cancers and continues to support the Special Olympics.

Many of our Club Operations strategic goals were met over the last five years that included establishing an Executive Director position and a Member Services position. The club also applied and were successful in obtaining our BC Soccer’s Club Charter, BC Soccer High Performance License, and Canadian Soccer Club License. We streamlined and consolidated our data platforms and introduced social media engagement to our Club. Most notably, we attained an impressive retention rate of over 100% from season to season.

What is next - Strategic Plan 2021

We would first like to acknowledge and thank all the individuals that supported us in creating and completing our first Club Strategic Plan. This exercise was integral in focusing our vision from 2016 - 2020, and undoubtedly providing us with a framework for the future.

Aside from our Strategic Plan, 2020 proved to be a challenge in itself with the COVID-19 pandemic, not only our Club but our community and world. COVID-19 has been a significant burden emotionally, intellectually, and financially on families and organizations alike. Our Club invested heavily in time, energy, and dollars to ensure a safe and enjoyable return to play. We developed a COVID safety plan, the deployment of staff field marshals, improved sanitation protocols, a change in the distribution of equipment, as well as the constant consultation and communication at all levels of the organization. We are so thankful to our staff, coaches, managers, and families for working through various changes to restrictions and playing guidelines to ensure that our teams and players could continue training and playing games. As we look forward to 2021 with the potential of a more normal return to sport in the future, we know that our staff, our teams, our officials, and our players will come through this stronger and more resilient than before.

As we step into the first half of 2021, we are excited to move forward with creating a new strategic plan. Taking into consideration the valuable lessons we have learned from this last year and our past strategic goals, we will continue to learn and identify key areas where we need to support our weaknesses and further fortify our strengths. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Planned Transitions Consulting and Coaching, to aid us in creating our new Strategic Plan to ensure that we have clear goals and a strong vision to adapt for the future.

We will start by redefining our Club Principles and Mission Statement to identify who we are as a Club and fortify our role in the community. We look forward to presenting our new Strategic Plan to our members and stakeholders to work together to guide Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club to new, unprecedented heights of success and excellence.

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