Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Soccer for life!

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Soccer for life!

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club

Posted by Lindsay on June 4, 2018

President’s Report 2018

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club (CMFSC) continues to grow and evolve; serving approximately 4,000 players, supported by a dedicated Board, committed staff team and approximately 1,000 passionate volunteers, who invest the equivalent of $1.75M of their time with club. CMFSC is halfway through our Strategic Plan, released in 2016 and running through 2020. The foundation of the plan documented our historic focus on player/coach/referee development and community responsibility, while highlighting new facility and financial initiatives.

CMFSC understands that prudent growth means coordinating growth with investment across all components of our operations. The Club identified the need for more developed business operations to support its programs and provide a high level of service. The club has invested in key staff positions, enhanced its website and improved data security and management capabilities.


Our focus this past year has very much been people-based, as we evolve the organization to be staff-led operationally. The Board is extremely pleased and proud to have promoted two of our own players (Coquitlam City and Metro-Ford respectively) to full-time, senior leadership positions – Sara Maglio to Executive Director and Alfredo Valente to Technical Director. Both Sara and Alfredo joined the club in 2005, following in the footsteps of our beloved #10 Domenic Mobilio. We have also been blessed to add Lindsay Sayers and Esteban Mora to newly created positions of Member Services Coordinator and Head Coach Boys Minis, respectively

The club is fortunate to have many long-time, dedicated servants of the game and community, including the likes of Bruce Dent (Data Analyst), Marisa Faedo (Team Equipment Coordinator) and Neil McGregor (Sr Staff Coach, Initiation Academy). Another long-time administrator, Gwenda Woodbury, Referee/Field Scheduler is retiring this season, after 10 seasons with the club. We thank Gwenda and other long-time, dedicated volunteers, who we only partially compensate for their valuable time with honorariums. We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate them!! (Note: The aformentioned are just a few of the invaluable volunteers and staff that make the club what it has become today!) ( )

Workplace Compliance & Safety

As a large, growing club, wishing to set an example for our youth and ensure that we look after our people, CMFSC has embarked on a number of initiatives to streamline our operations and protect our people and assets. Effective January 1st, 2018, CMFSC registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), acquired a GST number for applicable programs (i.e. Adult, Tournaments, Concessions), converted a number of contractors to employee status, implemented direct deposit payroll (PayWorks) and Electronic Fund Transfer (Vancity EFT) systems and enrolled in WorksafeBC!

As many of you will know, BC Soccer provides Sport Accident and Liability insurance to member organizations. You may not be aware that ANY employer, including societies, is required by law to provide WorksafeBC coverage, which is a no-fault insurance system that ensures a workplace free from injury, disease and death, and of specific benefit to CMFSC members, provides replacement of wages, while recovering from injury. CMFSC is now providing all employee and contractors with WorksafeBC coverage and hopes that other community clubs province-wide will do the same!

Our involvement with WorksafeBC will also see the Club introduce a new Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying

Policy for the coming season, which will combine WorkSafeBC Guidelines and BC Soccer Conduct, Ethics and Discipline Standards/Policy to deliver a SAFE and POSITIVE environment for players to LEARN about the game, themselves and life.

Effective the beginning of the 2018-2019 season, the club will also eliminate all cash transactions at the field (i.e. referees) and will be moving all payments, including cheques, to direct deposit. This move is designed to reduce the financial burden on teams, enhance security, improve reporting and increase efficiency.

Many thanks to Scott Coulter (Treasurer), Sara Maglio, Lindsay Sayers, Gracey DeLuca (Bookkeeper), Pete Dragan (Head Referee), Andrea Brizuela (Mini’s Scheduler – Officials), Lisa Mather (Field Scheduler) and Sam Lupton (from our sponsor BTM Lawyers), for their support and assistance in this transition. This has been, and will remain through end of year, a significant effort.


Our programs were bolstered, and our hearts warmed in 2018 with the unification of youth soccer in Coquitlam, after decades of multiple clubs operating separately. North Coquitlam United (NCUSC) and CMFSC officially merged in 2018! CMFSC respects and appreciates the leadership and flexibility of David Commerford and the NCUSC Board. Thank you and welcome to the family!

2017-18 was a transition year, which saw NCUSC teams, as desired, to operate business-as-usual, including in some cases branding (team names, uniforms). Approximately 150 youth players and 30 adult players joined the CMFSC fold with NCUSC. The chart below outlines league participation numbers (excluding camps, clinics and academies):

Programs  '13/14 YoY  '14/15 YoY  '15/16 YoY '16/17 YoY  '17/18 YoY  5 Yr
 Core 2,939 4.7% 3,119 6.1% 3,121 0.1% 3,207 2.8% 3,522 9.8% 19.8%
 BCSPL 182 -2.2% 216 18.7% 215 -0.5% 237 10.2% 220 -7.2% 20.9%
 Adult 150 7.1% 156 4.0% 152 -2.6% 150 -1.3% 285 90.0% 90.0%
  3,271 4.4% 3,491 6.7% 3,488 -0.1% 3,594 3.0% 4,027 12.0% 23.1% 

Note: Italicised are estimates - pre-online registration
          Italicised are updated to exclude non seasonal transactions

The support of our members is illustrative of the program quality and staffing, as CMFSC’s double digit growth is occurring in a youth sports environment in North America that is experiencing declining numbers (double digit % decreases), which is a significant concern for everyone involved in sports in BC and Canada! CMFSC is adapting and planning for the potential impact of this shift and will be piloting new programs in 2018-19 to ensure our programs are meeting the needs of our kids, delivering on FUN and PASSION, while growing LIFE and LEADERSHIP skills.

CMFSC, while deeply concerned with the statistics regarding the number of youth dropping out of sports before high school (70%) and the affect it is having on BC Soccer’s registration figures, is enthusiastically encouraged by the changes such stark realities compel governing bodies and organizations to adopt. We are eagerly anticipating the positive outcomes derived from a number of initiatives, including:

  • BC Coastal Soccer League – unification and professionalization of all youth leagues in the Lower Mainland (a project TCYSA District Chair and CMFSC VP, Joe Basic is playing a leadership role in)
  • BC Soccer – renewed progressiveness, bringing a more player centric and development focus to the game, while also attempting to banish unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Canada Soccer – revamping coaching education curriculum, based on sport science research and a focus on soft skills, as well as adult education principles; rolling out a new National Club License standard and Small-sided Skill Centres (focused on U8-12 development), which build on the Bc Soccer Club Charter and HP License (both of which CMFSC holds).

Strategic Plan

Our progress against the strategic plan has been excellent, although slightly delayed – hitting approximately 50% of our 2017 and sitting at 41% on our 2020 targets. In terms of 2020 targets, Player and Referee Development lead the way in terms of progress at 65% and 60% respectively. Facilities Development and Community Responsibility lag the pack, with Coach, Financial and Club Development filling out the middle.

Unfortunately, our proposal to build a full-size, indoor soccer facility in partnership with School District #43 at Centennial High School was not successful, as the Board of Trustees opted for a “land swap” deal that provided an outdoor turf field. We remain optimistic about the potential for a non-profit, public partnership to fulfill our facility vision, especially given the City’s partnership with the YMCA in Burquitlam to build and operate a community centre. Our capital development fund remains in place (restricted), although we were unable to build on it this past fiscal year.

Although it appears from our internal dashboard that Community Responsibility is lagging. I believe we have made solid progress, supporting Kick for a Cure and our subsidies to combat financial barriers to play have increased 40. Included in this figure is our annual contribution to our partner Kidsport, to whom we have contributed almost $150,000 over the last 5 years!!


As I enter the final year of my third term as President, I continue to feel extremely lucky to serve this great club and contribute to our wonderful community. I apologize for the length of the report. However, it illustrates how much work our volunteers, staff and partners continue to accomplish in support of CMFSC’s members and the community.

Thank you to my fellow members of the Board!! You continue to be a GREAT team to work with!

Welcome to new Board member Rosemary Hagiwara!! We look forward to your experience and insights around the table and on projects.

Finally, we must acknowledge the undying support of our sponsors, including Metro Motors, Soccer Express, Adidas, Men’Eds, John B Pub, Connect Cash, A3 Creative, Tim Hortons, BTM lawyers, Today Team and Freshii; as well as our strategic enablers - City of Coquitlam, (including Coquitlam Field Sports Association & Sports Council) and the Province of British Columbia.



Alex Barnetson
Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC President


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