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BC Summer Games 2018

The BC Games were originally a vision of Premier W. R. Bennett who believed in providing ‚Äúan opportunity to bring all parts of BC together, large and small communities, in the spirit of sport and friendship‚Äù. Mr. Bennett‚Äôs vision for the BC Games has provided a substantial foundation and structure on which excellence in sport and community has been and continues to be built. The games have grown to become a key part of athlete and sport development in the province of BC.  

Sport is the core of the BC Games and the reason participants, volunteers, and partners come together every two years. This competitive multi-sport experience is an essential part of the sport development pathway for athletes, coaches, and officials in British Columbia. The sports in the BC Games are selected through the Core Sport policy, where Provincial Sport Organizations showcase how the Games fit within their overall sport development plans. Aside from soccer, the Summer Games also include baseball, basketball, canoe/kayak, equestrian, golf, lacrosse, rowing, rugby, sailing, softball, swimming, towed water sports, triathlon, volleyball, and wrestling. 

The BC Games are high profile competitive opportunities for Provincial Sport Organizations to incorporate into their Long Term Athlete/Player Development, which are based on the Canadian Sport for Life framework designed to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada linking sport, education, recreation, and health while aligning community, provincial, and national programming. Achieving excellence is a focus of the competitions however; building lifelong skills, experiences, and knowledge through sport is an essential part of the experience.

This year's BC Summer Games are being held in Cowichan from July 19-22, 2018. The province is divided into eight geographical zones, with Coquitlam being part of Zone 4 - Fraser River. Try-outs were held of players born in 2004 and 2003 to identify the top players to comprise the team:

Congratulations to the following players being selected to the 2018 BC Summer Games:

Zone 4 Girls Team

First Name  Last Name  Team 
Isabella Azzi  U16 Girls-Metro Venom
Paige  Moriarity U16 Girls-Metro Venom
Katelyn  McCaskill U16 Girls-Metro Venom

Zone 4 Boys Team

First Name Last Name Team
Adam  Alomari U15 Boys-Metro Schalke
Leon De Greiff Meraz U15 Boys-Metro Schalke
Ashton Magtoto U16 Boys-Metro AC Milan
Liam Haysom U16 Boys-Metro AC Milan
Elijah Quinto U16 Boys-Metro AC Milan

Zone 5 Boys Team

First Name Last Name Team
Frank Ke  U16 Boys-Metro AC Milan

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