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Please fill out the following Form for Awards Nominations submission for the 2017-18 season.  The following award nomination categories apply:

  • Male and Female Player of the Year
  • Male and Female Team Coaches of the Year
  • Male and Female Team of the Year

Player of the Year

  • Impact Player in their respective team & league/division.
  • Recognized player Provincially, Whitecaps, and Nationally.
  • Helped their team to successes in respective season.
  • Consistent performances by respective player.
  • Commitment to CMFSC (examples – long standing member, volunteers)


Coach of the Year

  • Team Successes in respective season. (examples – tournaments, league, league cups, provincial cup, club Nationals)
  • Player retention/recognition.
  • Development of players (example – players recognized Provincially, Whitecaps, and nationally)
  • Displays professionalism on and off the field.
  • Commitment to self-improvement and coach development.


Team of the Year

  • Successes throughout the season through League, League Cup, Provincial Cup, Club Nationals.
  • Successes at tournaments in the respective season.
  • Player retention.
  • Player recognition within the team.
  • Team commitment (examples - volunteers, supports club initiatives).

Form completed by: