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Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club

Please see the following team contacts for our Women's & Men's Teams. Any new player or team related questions or inquiries should be directed to Member Services.

Premier MWSL CMF Premier Andrea Sumner
Selects MWSL Classics Andrea Maloney
Division 1 MWSL Impact Mitch Weimer
Division 2 MWSL Adrenaline Brian Morgan
Division 2 MWSL Tornados Paul Corrado
Division 3 MWSL Black Ice Andy Forsyth
Classics MWSL Royals Carolyn Killins
Premier VMSL Wolves Alfredo Valente
Division 1 VMSL Lupi Liam Carter
35+ VMSL Shooters Karsten Fenekoldt
Division 3 VMSL United Stewart Barnetson
Division 2 VMSL Lobos Martin Hickman
U21 VMSL Tom Georgas