Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Soccer for life!

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club Soccer for life!

Coquitlam Metro-Ford Soccer Club

Potential U11 & U12 Select level players should be able to do the following reasonably well, relative to other players in their age:

  1. Control the ball with all parts of their body
  2. Control the ball from a variety of service (i.e. in the air, bouncing, on the ground)
  3. Strike the ball with both feet and in specific ways that allow them to hit the ball the way they intend to (i.e. to shoot, volley, to chip, to pass with intended velocity) accurately.
  4. Move with the ball under control at speed
  5. Defend with good awareness, patience and technique
  6. Make good, early decisions with the ball that show emerging tactical awareness
  7. Involve teammates in the game rather than doing everything themselves
  8. Have the fitness, speed, coordination, and strength to play at the highest level
  9. Be committed to play and practice on a high level youth team. It is expected that all efforts will be made to attend all games and practices.
  10. Special Qualities – a player who possesses unique qualities, i.e. Strong in a specific position or role.

House players:

House level players may demonstrate some or most of the characteristics above, but may not meet the Select level requirements as they may still be developing one or more of the above components or may not be able to do them consistently or on demand. For example, a House player may demonstrate very good ball control and tactical game awareness but has not yet developed the fitness, speed or strength to compete at the Select level, or vice versa. They may also be able to demonstrate a strong ability in a particular aspect of the game in a drill that has no opposition but then not be able to do the same thing under pressure in a game-like environment.